Updated Battle Simulator


Haha… yes I remember all those tricks. Kong 2 and Kong chat …that place used to have so much life.


As this topic has come up…

Summer project. Starting simple and will add versions to include changes to HP, XP, and XPv2.

(I get it is currently simple looking… can make it look nicer later, trying to get the SQL stuff to work nicely first xD)


Gonna piggy back on this thread too I guess, I too am working on a BD sim. Got a bit side track with eras, but I should have time to work on it once again. Contrary to Elcent, I’m working on it interface to engine, using HTML5 canvas for GUI and JS for the back end.

Since the HTML still looks really messy right now, I’m including some concept drawings I made earlier.


Is this ever gonna become a reality?


I made one that works… except i coded it so badly it timed out on me after more than 200 units xD


Damn. So sad. I need this ASAP


I made one that works like a charm, no bugs