Updated Battle Simulator


The Battle Simulator is honestly already pretty great… but it doesn’t take into consideration the upgraded range capabilities of Range-4 and Range-5 units.

I guess that’s the entirety of my suggestion: Add an option for R4 and R5 units. It would require having an additional tab probably to specify the numbers of the upgraded units, which might require a significant amount of work depending on how the code is already set up. I have no idea, but it’d be cool to be able to do that simulation through the in-game simulator.


Also consider that each unit in the sim has a max cap of 999 units


YES. I’ve always wanted this. You always run into battles on rough estimates…


It’s a tough line not to cross though. I feel like guessing is honestly part of the game, the most skilled players do their best to have the highest accuracy on their guesses.

I don’t think you should be able to simulate anything further than Range-bonuses. This would still maintain the advantage of having units with higher damage and health than normal.


If you do that, then people like me who pride on the fact that they are reliable calculators, become useless team members xD.

It’s part of what makes some players better than others…


A calculator for XP would be nice, but I think Tom told me once that they don’t plan on doing it :frowning:


I disagree with a calculator for exp earned. I feel like that would promote exp-farming too-much.


Or you can do math? , i always do that


Exactly, we always do the math anyway as it is but it would be far less annoying to have an improved simulator instead.

Nobody likes doing math at 3am.


That’s what I count on when I launch attacks on enemies at 3am their time :imp:


I actually do genuinely like to take this stuff into account though. You know that when their coordinating player is sleeping it’s the best time to strike :laughing:


Ye, you send em a msg calling them fat, and if they read it , they are online, if they didnt read it, strike now


You’d think that. But if I see that type of msg, I will take advantage of that mindset :wink:
It’s pretty obvious when a msg is sent to be a check on activity. I’ll click mark unread and then stop making moves and try to order my team to make minimal movements as well. Then wait for them to launch attacks :slight_smile:


I used to use that. but now idiots give skype to eachother lol. i always have my skype on offline, so you never know :):slight_smile:


Yup, just keep yourself on invis and then if someone msg’s you from another team, ignore it :slight_smile:
Remember, knowledge is power!


Knawledge got exposed, therefor i just exposed you, see you on dramaalert


Must resist urge to ban…


I have been banned from many forums for being too. how do i say this, too nice. but please dont ban me dad, ill share all my memes with you


Give me those dank memes yo. You got a pass


I remember on Kong, you had to go to even more extreme measures since the Kongregate website would show you as online. Even if you were offline on Skype and didn’t open your messages ingame, you could still check whether someone was online by whispering to them. Until people started realising you could open a separate BD client that didn’t force you to keep Kongregate open. And then you’d go next-level and have a Kongregate account open to check the chat and it’d be a different account than the one you were playing from. Ah, those were the days :smiley: