Update your wiki with new items

That way people can see the new items after legacy.


I actually have started a document and have the stats of 14 weapons at maximum mythical level. Feel free to message me if anyone is interested in helping out.

The wiki is actually community made by @fluffeh so the way to update it would be through the community i believe.


I’m interested in doing the art, and explosive work.
Do you use png files as images? Which do you use?

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Oh wait, I misunderstood your reply for a message to me individually about making weapons.

I can however do the document imagery though if I could afford it.

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Can you separate your legacy obsolete parts from the new updated parts in your wiki?
Rename the previous legs to legacy legs and the new legs to legs.

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Ya someone please update wiki. I’ll start making making mach as soon as my account login issue solve.

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yes i need that please

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I currently have no connection to the wiki at the moment. I haven’t even looked at the wiki :stuck_out_tongue: I just know its community made and Fluffeh helped.

I’m only interested in helping out, but only if it’s without cost.
Can you make public guest accounts of every item in them, demo accounts without progress that allow you to view the items?

Name the accounts PublicDemo1, 2 and 3 and so on with share set as their passwords.
These accounts don’t give you any option, can’t be used, only previewed.

I’m not actually a Tacticsoft employee, Just a forum mod and a Supermechs pilot.

I doubt that Tacticsoft will want the details of all weapons given out as this can ruin the fun of other pilots working things out for themselves. However i do agree the wiki could get updated.

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Your description makes me like you. But however, a reduction reduces the fun in playing, not addition of a new feature/guide.