UPDATE: Valentine's Day Sale


We had an issue today with the 25% off Token Packages today on mobile.
The sale has since been replaced with 25% extra tokens on token packages.

If you purchased the 25% off package please send us the receipt of purchase to supermechs@tacticsoft.net and the support team will take care you.
It may take some time to get to all the support email so please be patient.

Thanks for understanding.


Hello! Why do tokens discounts work only for those who buy by paypal?


Do you know that 25% off isn’t equal to bonus 25%?
125% tokens is like 20% off. 25% off is like 133% tokens.


It worked on Web purchases but not on mobile.


We understand that. However, this is the sale we can use at this time.
Hopefully, we can fix the sale and use it again in the future.


hi Sarah!

I play on a computer (no mobile) and buy through Fortumo. I still get the same amount of tokens for the same price.

I suggest that we can send proof of purchases and that we be credited with the bonus.

Thank you.


We got a problem sarah, seems the 25% tokens are not given on the buy!

Edit: Just realize the post is about it, good work thought.


Send into support and they will help you.


Right. Thank u. I’ll see which documentation they need as proof of purchases. Fortumo takes between 48 and 72 hours to send the information and the telephone company maybe 24 hr.


if you have spare time you might as well check your email , i have been waiting 4 days for an asnwer


What email address did you send a message to? I will check.