Update to XP Rewards in Campaign

whenever i search for battle i get an opponent within 5-10 seconds , but then again i am at lvl 20 i guess a lot of new players are stuck around lvl 20-30 and hence i get my opponents easily and now they have decided to let the people level up faster so the players at higher level are able to get opponents easily once the low level players have leveled up.

well, you dont usually get matched up with players of your level. you get matched up around similar rank

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So at 103, fuel is still redundant or did you purchase fuel?

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the free refil took me about halfway then I’d buy 1 refil and that would take me over (had about 10-15 fuel left usually too)

  1. A few thousands over the whole test period. Match making is done with the online players in the same exact time.
  2. The reason high-ladder rank player may way longer period is because of the amount of players in that specific ladder rank. Lower rank players usually have very little (ie, seconds) wait time. It doesn’t reflect the amount of players in the game at any given moment.

Also, making the game more engaging and have more players reach stronger mechs is part of the objectives for the XP reward change. As more new player reach stronger mechs faster, the more players that will be able to reach higher ladder ranks and be available to play at those ranks.


High level players doesn’t effect to their equiptment. The problems are still not solved because you know what i mean. Making a legendary dropped from the box is the finest decision instead

I cant complain about this update I went from lvl 43 to lvl 90 :smiley:


It is a very good think for the newer players lvls 40-100, since they can get higher faster, if they have a decent mech.
This will improve also the PvP, since more players will have acces to all modules slots and gather fussion and gold for upgrades.
It is within the general thinking of rhe curent development team.
It is makeing the game accesible to a wider range of players, towards a more globalised game,no longer to the “chosen” few.
Me like it!
@Mohadib but after lvl 110 the only benefits for lvling up are a refil,2 tokens, and 60k gold. They seem a bit low. And fuel doesn get any increase in cap after that. Feels a bit redundant. And maybe you should think a bit also to the players that are lvl 150… maybe have a nice achivement for them, like a special perk,or something that shows the apreciation of their dedication.


Thanks for this given answer :grey_exclamation:

Is it maybe possible that you can give us some numbers about that, like …
15 % players rank 1-3
35 % players rank 4 - 15
50 % players rank 16 and lower

(the % numbers are just a fast example)


That would help for the understanding from the Top players
a lot :grey_exclamation:

But only if it is no problem for tacticsoft :exclamation:

And …

Here the same, from level 113 to 118 in a few hours, WITHOUt any need to buy fuel :exclamation:

@Mohadib its way to OP. I / we take it of course, but it is really way to much :grey_exclamation:


im pleased
this allow us to plan a lvl up easier than before
on adition to the reduced fuel cap this brings some help with the lvl up refuel
if only lvl up rewards were buffed too after lvl 75 it would be the perfect update to game dynamics

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