Update to XP Rewards in Campaign

Hi Pilots,

As you have obviously noticed we have changed the XP Rewards in the campaign missions.
We decided to match the initial progress pace with similar RPG games in the industry, and we tested this experience the past weeks with a few thousands players as a test group. Since we saw good results, we have decided to implement the changes to the rest of the players, which was done yesterday.

What I expect is that in the next day or so a lot of you who are in low & mid levels will gain a handsome amount of XP which will get you to a considerably higher level. Then progress will start to slow down again. This is expected and normal. Players will start to spread between a lot more levels than now which is part of the plan.

We’re obviously monitoring the game and of course we’ll do adjustments to the balance based on what we’ll see, but we do want players in early levels to level up faster and slow down only towards higher levels.

Most of the team here reads the forum on a regular basis so we’re aware of the discussion that started. However, please be aware we’re not making any balancing changes (ever) based on forum posts (unless what reported is a bug). We use data we collect that covers all players, and we only make changes after we analyze it.

Please feel free to continue discussing this and bring up anything to the attention of the community and us. We all work hard to make the game as fun, interesting and enjoyable as possible for everyone. :slight_smile:


I think that the exp rates should be lowered by 15% , you level up way too fast.

What is the point of the fuel system with this new update? At least until level 80, you will level up and regain max fuel before you go down to 0. Essentially making fuel a non factor.



is this a joke :question:


Where are these “few thousands players” when we have to wait 20 (:exclamation:) or more minutes for 1 battle :question:


No one on the forum has been a part of the “few thousand” players , I guess U got random “thousand” players from the game to test the update eh?


That is only true for players with good mechs that have been playing for awhile, as they are able to pass higher end missions. But for new players it should be pretty balanced as the easier missions give less xp.


The fast leveling up (which renders the fuel a little redundant) is temporary until players reach higher levels where more xp is required per leveling up and the leveling up pace returns to previous stage. For that short adjustment period it’s fine by us that fuel becomes a non-limiting resource before going back to normal.

One thing to note is that from a certain level on the fuel cap doesn’t rise every level and eventually it reaches a cap that changes very rarely.


I was able to grind nonstop from lvl 66 to lvl 80 in 3 hrs


So new players don’t get to level up quickly?


compared to the rest of us that have been playing for a long time, no. they will not move up AS quickly around this time. but when compared to how long it took us to get to, say, level 40, they will be able to do it much quicker


For players that have spent countless hours playing the game to already be at the cutoff level for this redundancy and quick leveling, how do you explain to them that a player can now get to their current level in 2-5 hours for what may have taken them hundreds-thousands of hours.


I was going to point that out as well. this seems more like a buff to new players or less active players. but, it does not hinder the players that have played for a long time in any way. it only boosts lower level players.


The current change was only done after a period of testing so we have a fair confidence in the general direction. As I said, we’re monitoring the progress of all players and will make decisions after enough data will suggest it’s required.

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I know you probably will evade this question since that what you guys have been doing for a long time, but there currently is a different legendary drop rate for higher level players than lower level players and there are certain level requirements for getting certain legendary drops (modules). has the level requirements changed or the legendary drop rates changed?


Seems like a weird meta in which mid levels from about 30 to 80 no longer count then besides the gold and boxes that come from leveling up every couple of minutes.


The change affects everyone, through the the biggest change is for new players. The pace players gain levels is faster in the low levels. However, the changes allows even very high-level players to gain levels in some reasonable pace whereas before it was exceptionally slow.


another question is have level requirements changed for opening up weapon or module slots for your mech? since now it will be very easy to level for new players, wouldn’t they just unlcok all their slots in a few hours? I feel like the level requirement is pointless in that case and it isn’t as rewarding anymore to open slots for items for your mech.


I’m already Level 150 and I still support this change, as it allows other players to get to higher levels quicker, unlocking more module slots, inventory slots, and getting a lot of gold.

Makes the game more accessible to all players. :slight_smile:


its ok Mohadib, i’ll give you time. i understand it’s not too easy to try to come up with a way of answering this post without actually answering it, or skipping over it and replying to something else without it being obvious you evaded it, or changing the subject, or going inactive on a thread in which you were actively posting but now have to pretend to be busy to evade a question. I can wait, bud.


I can assure you its not just low level players that gain fast lol, I grinded for like 5 hours last night and went from level 103 to 111 (not complaining).