Update to Drop Rate - Bug


Hello Pilots,

Today we uploaded a fix for the drops rates of boxes.
It looks like we had a bug that started with the release of the 2v2 campaign.
The team has discussed how we can give fair compensation to our players.
Every player that bought Premium boxes between April 16 - April 22 will receive 50% of the boxes they bought back. You will see the boxes in your accounts in the next couple of hours.

No conspiracy, no one is out to get you, it was a bug. It was fixed! :slight_smile:


I am satisfied. Please deliver my thanks to all the devs. And thank you Sarah247, you work hard and don’t receive the recognition you deserve. :blush:


Okay,thanks for fixing it!
Also,it’s okay that you actually give us something in return.
Finally,a little ray of hope you gave us,Sarah!

But you said this:

So you have to know the drop rates,right?
Will you tell us or…?

IMPORTANT: All boxes have been extremely nerfed, Silver - Premium

Thx For Fixing anyway ( little bit too late)
Yeah … Telling us The Drop Rate Will Be Helpfulll… and maybe a good event or two will help us forget :3


What about the gold spent on silver boxes that also gave decreased drop rates of items?


Thanks a lot @Sarah247.

Dialogue and acceptance of mistakes is a very appreciated mark of consideration for the players.



Sounds fair.


Some food for your project builds supreme leader


How about reintroducing the sale for 48 hours so that we can buy. Most people were not brave enough to take the offer since the ‘bug’ was introduced.


Does this also include PP?


This update/bug fix is much-needed and appreciated, a little late none the less .


And also,what happens if you buy only one box or pack?


you get 2.5 items for PP and 0.5 items for PB




why not 100% :wink:
And when you buy 1 box?
you’ll receive half of a box?


What are the chances?
They said they fixed them so they must know them exactly.
Maybe not Sarah,but someone knows for sure.


So players who bought 1 box will get nothing,so i wasted 60 tokens,thanks sm


Omfg…the god is real!

Thank you @Sarah247!


We are rounding up. 1 box -> 1 compensation box, 2 boxes -> 1 compensation box, 3 boxes -> 2 compensation boxes, etc.
A premium pack counts as 5 premium boxes.

PB Openings, What did you get?

Ok thanks for answering,i didn t get my premium box,im still waiting