Update the wiki

Every player must know the wiki …
If you do not know here I leave the Link: http://wiki.supermechs.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

The wiki has been abandoned, just show the latest myths. I do not know if the team could choose some users to help with the update of the site and facilitate the SM guide.

Examples men…

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wow , thats so outdated , thats what SM was like 3-4 years ago.

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The Wiki is community made. Meaning its still up the community to update it :slight_smile:

I’ve heard a lot people would like to update it but am yet to see any commitment to the idea of actually updating it.

I believe theirs also a wikia that’s been started by another player as well.


If it’s a community they can upgrade, why do not they?
As a community you must do something for others. </3
Do something, or I will do it myself. (:

I don’t think anyone has actually officially asked to do it…

@Fluffeh, If someone wanted to improve the Wiki who would it best to speak to?

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Funnily @Fluffeh wrote most of the old wiki.

I’m pretty sure he’s still an admin of it :slight_smile:

Otherwise if there’s people wanting to change it, I dont have any problem letting them add something


super old dude :confused:

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Off course


i think that wiki is from 2015…so yea we are almost 2018, need a update

and the imagines are 2013-2014

been updating this old wiki for a couple weeks

it has been getting alot more support now the past week :smiley:

Your work looks good, but guess what BRO,
what sux is the new changes made yesterday just screwed many of the stats you have for Weapons, Legs Drones, Torso
As well as the stats I been saving specifically to keep track of the good and bad. :rage:

Thanx man :D, i will be changing all the table’s into a new format to make it easier to modify and change based on the updates, at the moment i have to change the stats for almost everything :sweat:

They will change it further in the future… I’m sure of it.

Whoever update wiki info ill transfer 1k token to their sm account. :slight_smile: