Update on my builds


Hi guys, some time passed since the last time i made any new topic, but, well, here i am again :smiley:
Yeah, i know this kind of post is really boring, but i like the advice of some players from here… so, let’s get to the builds…
PS: This topic might be a bit long…

This here is my oldest son…LEGS and TORSO at max, just lacking make myth of the LWs, and the engines… oh, i’m lacking one more heat engine, if god of luck help me… Its missing the drone i need for it, which is windforge or faceshocker… probably windforge since this guy is quite heavy already…for now he shall stay on that build but later gonna put some other guns instead of last word(mortalbullet, low range and big drain)

This is my next guy that i’m thinking about making… ATM is just a project, i still don’t fully use him…I have those phys weapons and another backbreaker… and oh, he already uses void, which some guys think as the best phys drone…what can i put in term of good weapons for almost all ranges? and what about modules? how many of heat and energy? BTW, i have a windigo torso, and a zarkares… do i use avenger or change for one of those two? Thx and sorry for the bother…


Again, There’s a General Thread on Build help, If you didn’t know then it’s alright though if you did then… Just why?

Also Take out Back breaker on your second, It’s just dead weight


Sorry, but i didn’t know, really… now i know, thx :slight_smile:


wow you progressed a lot!good job
for the energy mech,it’s good,for now

for the physical mech,take the hammer and the beam off,and change torso to zark.
also,try to aim for this mod set-up:

1 heat engine
1 cooling mass booster
2 energy engines
1 regen mass booster
3 hp plates

what’s it’s utilities?
i’d prefer hook and charge

that’s all :slightly_smiling_face:


for your second mech you cold try mine


Link it to them then


okay there it is


Okay, i’m already using one charge engine on him, lacking the hook atm…
Sorry, but why a cooling booster? wouldn’t a heat engine extra be better?
Regen booster for energy too? really? '-'
And about weapons, what would be a good build? i already have two NF and one AN…
any suggestions?


backbreaker and NE for close, but the sword is a bit rare to get right? i’m trying to get something more simple to make atm :sweat_smile:
Why the heat cooler? '-'
Was thinking something like dual ani and dual NF… but that would leave long range a problem :confused:


um you could do night fall 2 annihilation night eagle and zarkares or windigo

yes it is


not enough weight,and rolling beasts is already 4 kg lighter than boots

you can get rid of night eagle or 1 nightfall if you want engines
or you can use windigo and convert 1 booster for an engine,but your hp will be low,only 1875 when maxed


thats what i am talking about :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Think i’m gonna use something like this one… well, the rolling might take a bit of time to get, but the rest i have almost all…gonna max at legendary the legs till i find rolling then… the cooling and regen are needed cause phys use a bit of heat and energy right? i see…okay.
So phys focus on pure damage, but i must take care and keep a good amount of energy and heat to not shutdown and not energy break him right? i see… The problem with good phys weapons is their high weight, its huge :open_mouth:


Nice energy mech! Very nice indeed, even the Heat cap is good.

But physical mech oohhh nooope, remove that Backbreaker son, as well as Reckless Beam, or unless you have extra weight, then yeah keep that on. Change the torso to Zarkares, 12 kg is not that high :slight_smile:


About your energy mech, if you can, remove a Malice Beam for Hysteria.

You can cover more range that way.


Now that i was comparing, hysteria and malice have almost same damage, but with a bit more of heat cost, but have more range… maybe if i take the malices and put two hysterias to cover more range… but that might leave me open in 1-4 range if i use all of last words uses… idk what to do now :frowning:
Well the combo of malice and LW worked good till now, maybe i should try with two hysteria and see what happens…
Because of that i wanted to have two mortalbullet, for 2-4 of range, and for 4-8 i would use hysteria… :confused:


just remove one malice for a hysteria
also they have the same cost


Hysteria and Malice is the EXACT same weapon, same costs, same drain, even nearly similar damage, but Hysteria covers longer ranges.


Also if you’re going to make a Mortal Bullet build :

GrimReaper for pure energy, Naga for more HP and heat stats
Lightning Supporters if you have one, Charged Walkers is good enough, Spark Runners is amazing, but less hp.
Malice beam since it’s the best one yet
Last Words because wtf you expect it’s the best
Mortal Bullet obviously
Hysteria for long ranges (Or Valiant if you have one, but use it wisely)
Face Shocker (Or Windforge)

And you add the rest, but if you can make it to low weight, add EMP.


Man, so you are going to replace the absolute must-have in every energy mech (that helps you a lot against physicals, but heaters as well) and put a limited range weapon that dooms you to stay in the range of Annihilation and Nightfall?