Update? Hello! (surely 15 chars)

Sooo, where is this announced update of axes and swords? Nothing changed in my garage so far:


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The update will probably come when EMP new portal release.

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Read the heat bomb post from sarah . They will only buff swords


“We will Increase Sword damage next week. We hope that after the update Axes and Hammers will be more useful. Axes and Hammer we are keeping as is for now.”

I’m so ready for 500+ dmg seraph lmao

ima be cancer


Maybe before weekend?

She said this week and the week just started.

Friday portal maybe
Emp portal in the same time with the update

Expect it around Wednesday to Friday.

my guess

Will be heronmark usefull?

  • Yes
  • No

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It bloody should be useful. Been tempted to use it on my heater. Hopefully this buff allows me to do so.



I think after the gold portal closes they are going to open the EMP portal and when thats closed they are going to do the buff.
BTW Sarah’s post was a bit confusing… talking about the buff of the swords and she hopes that will make axes more popular? I can see why Mordulec thought that they are going to buff axes

Mayebe a energy free heron mark with an decent dmg

@rrr something similiar to how Heron Mark was before it was nerfed (rightfully since it was OP).

@Mechiavelli she made a whole post about buffing them previously, now it’s just “hopes that it will make axes more popular”. Idk why the sudden change, but if I’m correct. It’s likely due to what people said about hammers/axes being overpowered (pft).

Poor Mord, dude would’ve finally been happy to be OP.

someday my dude

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How it was before?
I can t remember

like seraph now, but with more -res , pushing (before it no have range 1-2) and shutdown you as shit

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It was hitting around 270-392 (I forgot the actual stats). It was literally Seraph but on meth.

Lemme find you a pic of it, I have it somewhere.


Thank you,wow that sounds great,i might use it with reckoning and magma blast

HERONMARK(L)-----------(46), 1-2 Range, 144-232 ExDmg, 58HeatDmg, -7ExRes, Jump 1, (13/50 Cost)

Now is just useless,poor dmg,no push,energy cost,weak drain

232 becomes 160 when your enemy have 84 exp resistance
What if they buff the dmg like 220-330,and make it energy free,70 heat dmg(maybe)

this one?20171005_161914

The sentence was insanelly ununderstandable.
I think she meant, “we buff swords dmg, and we update axes and hammers as mentionned (range 2), but we keep the dmg as it is”

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No, that’s Seraph. I’m talking about Heron Mark: Pre Nerf.