Update from Sarah

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to update everyone that I will be on vacation for the next week.
I will be checking my messages inbox but might be slower to get to back you.
The team is reading the forums so your posts are being read.
Talk to everyone when I get back!


Have nice vacation.
Anyways, I really liked the update.

(Is that part of the dungeon updates?)


Wish you a nice vacation week !

Enjoy it !


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Aka There is a Supermech war incoming and I don’t want to be spammed lol
Just kidding :joy: liked yout post

You’re just now going on vacation? I thought you were on it for the last couple months. Enjoy your vacation :smile:

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:laughing: thats funny :laughing:


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have a nice vacation and a nice day! :slight_smile:

i wish the unicorn event would last longer ._.

I am back everyone! :slight_smile:


welcome back, hope you had a nice one, and recharged your bateries and your happiness level is high.

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I have ALOT of emails, messages, and posts to go over.
So please bear with me.


Nice. I hope you can start investigate Suspicious Accounts, start by your team not by our report.


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Where did you go for vacation? And how is it there? :slight_smile:

Dang, that bear didn’t do his job!