Update - Client 1.5, Server 22 (XPv2 and more!)


You can currently test it on the upcoming G3 (run by joshy himself) since the new xp system doesn’t start working until worlds reset.

(However xp has already been changed on every world, leading to some interesting units:)


wtf. same rank, 2xp apart, yet different stats?


I was, thank you Kaen.


By no means intended… Undone and resetting all units in a bit to allow them to re-level.

(they will, regain their appropriate levels, d/w)


Alright :slight_smile:


Sorry to ask but , What harm did the power of Resource Outposts do ? This has been since the beginning of the game and would be better if it continues


It hasn’t been in since the beginning actually, and power is already inflated from conquers nowadays, so this is a fine change.

  1. What does power even do anyway? Nothing.
  2. Why does the small amount you get from res ops matter? You still get the res right? That’s the real op part.


Why are emojis so ugly now :neutral_face: :sob:


EDIT: This is legit new xp system :sob:

Welp XPv2 derped out on me

Fix and/or compensation pls

@Alexander @Malicewolf @Elcent


Nothing to fix. The new xp system is meant to encourage wars, not individual unit farming. When your entire surviving army has a few +1 hp and damage, it becomes significantly more powerful. When it’s only 10 units or so, it does little (which was so that people could no longer affect the outcome of an entire war with just a few xp units they farmed from 1 or 2 battles). You can still receive high stats for individual units, but that requires a LOT of experience to achieve (and is discouraged). Constant warring and big battles should reward stronger units. Not sitting all era killing a few small fries and then you are suddenly so OP the top alliance can’t handle you.