Update - Client 1.5, Server 22 (XPv2 and more!)


Agreed, Best to not zoom out fully with it.


Many aren’t, just how it is. Have to prioritize based on both, the work a suggestion entails and their popularity.

Probably a few thousand cool ideas that aren’t added, most of which will never be added.

Don’t let that discourage though, sometimes they end up in different suggestions and they can most certainly end up in a later update.

Your squad management is one of the reasons Muha’s suggestion made it in, Outpost Overhead is getting a similar but different idea that achieves a similar effect later, Army ID codes are cool but would require a totally new battle system most likely, forwarding might make it in later.

Era Management… I hope we’ll need it one day. But until we do, let’s work towards that, mm? :smiley:

Yeah… It’s very very PC heavy. There’s a reason there’s 3 zoomlevels in game, this is simply a work around for people who can (and want to) handle the middle one.


is this active in Galaxy?If so how do i use it?


Just wanna highlight this for people who use TOR browser to play (or other vpn’s due to school/work blocking BD), you’ll probably have to let the admin know that you’re doing this to not be banned accidentally


When you launch a large number of squads or really just any number of squads you can click on the “?” button and it pulls up a thing. It used to be rather rubbish but now it displays something like this when you click on your units:

VERY handy new feature :slight_smile:


Oh i see, i forgot that thing existed


And u cant use Tor it doesnt support Flash


what’s tactical view? im at work rn so i cant get on the game without using a proxy, which takes effort. can someone post a screenie?


will we be able to click on squads that are overshadowed by bigger armies or you still gotta go to orders and find the squad and control it from there?



You can enable it in the settings, (I had to use it to play during school for about a year)

Tactical view forces the game to stay locked in a way where you can interact with the entire map.

Was going to take a screenie but annonymu5 already took care of that


That looks weirdly confusing. Whats so tactical about it?


It’s mostly useful when zooming out a little less or using a very, very big screen.

It was fairly popular, in a system I needed to do some work on and it’s optional anyway. :slight_smile:


How do you clear your cache. Well, what cache more of


There is a guide in the “news”

google works well to find out though :slight_smile:



A better update tho but I hope no interruptions again.


Whats this new troops? I haven’t seen anything different other than the tactical view. Please tell us how to get the new troops


No new troops. Which bit of the changelog are you referring to?


I think Mr.Master is referring to this section of the update log

I am very curious as well to how powerful units can be now.