Update - Client 1.5, Server 22 (XPv2 and more!)

Hello Commanders,

After a long period of testing (thank you to the Maintenance Team) we’ve updated the game.

While every new (and old) feature has been tested for an extended period of time, please understand that this is a major change, updating the minimum version required to run the game and forcing major infrastructure adjustments. If any problems arise, we will fix them to the best of our abilities.

Additionally, please clear your cache. It’s needed. Thank you. :slight_smile:
http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/ (handy guide if needed on how to clear your cache)


All worlds

  • Resource outposts no longer give power (Thank you @Elcent!)
  • Tactical View has been added to the game in Visibility Settings (Thank you @Cybran)
  • Vast improvements to Anti Cheat preventing false alarms on Puffin and allowing accurate detection of false colonies. Be warned :wink:
  • Alternative reward schemes (custom token counts, top 30 rewards and so on) are officially added to the game.
  • Relic count for victory is now configurable and shown in the welcome message.
  • Time to hold relics for victory is now configurable and shown in the english welcome message.
  • 10 relic reward is no longer granted if relics have not been held for 100 ticks before the world ends.
  • XPv2 Implemented - Experience is now gained for the entire participating army of the victor based on the dead soldiers, with a cutoff at least 15 squads killed rewarding warfare making it much harder to gain XP without waging war, while simultaneously discouraging the use of new players for cannon fodder. Additionally, 70% of the enemies’ XP is now transferred to the survivors, divided like the old system, to reward smart kills more. I could write articles about this, but the essence is that you have to actually fight now for xp, you can’t just make lots of newbs quit and kill lots of AI’s and then scare everyone into submission
  • XPv2 Levels implemented - There is now a different leveling system, XP required increases exponentially but so does strength gained. This way your overall army levels up slightly, improving your overall strength, while smart kills and so on can make individual squads even stronger.
  • XPv2 Levelcap raised - Find it out yourself. For the insanely skilled (and lucky), there’s some seriously powerful units you can grind!
  • New Players now get an invitation to the top 3 open alliances when they get strong enough without finding an alliance, additionally they get referred to the Battle Dawn Academy.
  • World Recommendation has been adjusted to allow for a single world to be assigned as the “newb world” focusing all new player training efforts on that world and allowing us to customize the settings of said world accordingly, while also letting the newbs find each other.
  • Placement overhauled - zooming in on certain browsers (e.g. Microsoft Edge) will no longer give an advantage over other browsers. Additionally, it is no longer possible to “lag” outposts to certain locations. The new system should also perform significantly faster.
  • Several statistics added as requested by the community (Thank you @Ikillu )
  • Garrisons without crystals are now just regular outposts again. (Thank you @Sakrie )
  • Protected outposts now have a blue square around them when zoomed out. (Thank you @pqrst )
  • Vast improvements to the admin panel, reducing the risk of potential downtime and allowing admins to more easily and efficiently place Garrisons, Relics without accidental differences in unit counts or crystals while letting them view much more information about potential cheating and past history.
  • New Ruleset now official, will be adjusted as we learn more. Thank you everyone for helping!
  • AI’s no longer spawn at rank 0.
  • Amount of Tick 1 AI’s has been reduced by half.
  • AI’s will now delete (much) faster.
  • Prediction of the next tick has been improved - Please expect a new bias to ticks being slightly late. This is intended as it’s significantly less frustrating to have a late tick than an early tick. Both will still happen. :frowning:
  • When a tick will be skipped, a timer is set for the time that it will run.
  • Ticks will no longer run unless the server was available and reasonably fast for at least 2 minutes before said tick.
  • The system will now run the ‘skipped’ tick 5 minutes later, assuming it is up since at least 2 minutes before that.
  • Performance improvements, GPU rendering where possible.
  • Countless of bugfixes, including incorrectly sized windows, the inability to place without refreshing after, various problems that would previously cause Refreshing to cancel.
  • Fixes for various exploits related to the tick engine.
  • Fixed squads getting stuck returning from a friendly outpost due a very late move.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing (slightly) larger gain of workers. (You know who you are, thank you!)
  • AI can no longer finish in a top rank.
  • Improved squad management in the “info” screen when you click a squad. You can now sort them, turn them (1 or multiple) and inspect them to your hearts content. (Thank you @Muha )
  • Fixed the bug that would cause you to scroll off the map like a mad man.
  • Doubled the performance from zooming in and out of the map.
  • Granted the ‘lost’ CE1 medals to people who were in the winning alliance but not top 10, as originally promised in the CE1 advertisement. (Sorry for the long wait :’( )


  • New reward scheme based on Mass Boosts handed out to discourage blue farming.
  • Windows can now be moved around again.
  • Background is back.
  • New map created by @Elcent added to the game.
  • AI’s will now spawn on all galaxy maps.
  • Minimap issues with certain Galaxy maps have been fixed.
  • Galaxy now has it’s own special icon for worlds.


  • Minigames now have the correct martian background.

Sidenote: XP, Ruleset, Resource Outpost change will not apply to current era’s. Ruleset, ResOps will be added to era’s as they restart.

XP will start on certain worlds and be expanded based on what we see in game due the complexity of this change.

Make sure to clear your cache before testing! The client version should be 1.5.


This change is live on galaxy. Battle Dawn will follow shortly if Galaxy works fully.

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coool will the servers go down for this

Sadly yes. Galaxy has just gone down and back up. I’ll announce it for BD about an hour up front, when Galaxy seems stable :slight_smile:

Should be a matter of minutes (once a tick ran on galaxy).

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tbh i dont care if the severs go down cause we GOT A NEW UPDATE WOWOWOWO


oh god, this is going to be interesting. I can already see how some of these changes can be horribly abused, but maybe I’m just a cynic.

So Basically we will have who has the biggest army wins situations from now

Least least

Wouldn’t worry about that… Nothing was changed in the spy system.

If you mean the XP system, right now the one with the largest network also (obviously) gets the most XP, and does not need to fight at all for this (and usually doesn’t).

Now you’ll have to go out and … wage wars :slight_smile:

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Fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does it sound like this was implemented because it has happened before?


inb4 r69 posts

I’ll be waiting :joy:

Because it’s been a threat in the past. More than a few players thought itd be funny :’)

No R69, that said, you can definitely get a superunit of sorts going :wink:

Time to use the privilege of BG getting 1.5 first to make the next G3 interesting @Malicewolf

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y u gotta be lame :cactus:

BD will get 1.5 before G3 resets, G3 will get XPv2 weeks to months before .com does, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to have to tweak that on what we find, so it’ll bubble from galaxy to smaller com worlds to to to…

i don’t see any of my super cool ideas implemented, which i had quite a few of.

all of the above have very positive ratios of yes:no on the polls. (and i kinda wanna see a (Thank you @Kaen) in the update notes)

I got mentioned :smiley:
Didn’t see that coming all those months ago haha.

Welp, I guess its time to revisit BD after all this time.

Tactical view slows down the game to a unbearable point