UPDATE - Clan System Overhaul


As I’ve said a couple of days ago and sooner this morning, this maintenance is meant to introduce ClanWars, if we wanna call 'em this way. Enoy.


Google Play screenshot


does this mean the update is complete


holy shit @Elcent was right all along



Well we told ya we were probably about to have CW some days ago :joy:


Nonsense. That’s all i say.

They are still working on raid. Developers will NEVER bring up two Large updates in a short period of time.


As I read it, seems to me they are talking about a new way to win prize related to clan, but I may be wrong :slight_smile:


That’s what we do in ladder.


Could be a Team Battle with clan members that are online =)


how much time is left?


how long its already more than 2 hours right?


Will this require me to play more than 5 battles a day? If yes, I’m leaving.


I hope to Correct mine 4 days Wait, what a nightmare


And it is live!!!
New clan chat, new chat functions.
And a new clan reward thing.
Raid 6 is imposible to perfect… so lets see some cheats!!!


Not clanWars thought


What do this update do?
I dont understand.
Also, what is thing?


What is Open/Restriction modes mean?


Server is restarting :smiley:

That can only mean good!


GG on it.
(20 charas)