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Saw it,didn’t like it.

As i said,don’t want it.


Yeah… I can agree with this.


I hated pads. Still hate pads. Anything else I am open to. 3 v 3 or 1 v1 in ladder would be nice.



Yes, the gap is growing, and you are right, it isnt the size of the Atlantic, it is the size of the Pacific.


The gap is closing, in my opinion.


How so? I dont understand. The weapons that are unobtanium are required to win, they dont just hand them out. You could read litteraly any other post to figure this out. I have spent $100 bucks on my main over the past year to no avail. While that doesnt make me strictly f2p, there are folks that claim to be f2p that have all the crap and state you are a weak player for wondering why they have 3 claws, 90-100 res, and enough energy and heat to keep anyone at bay. This requires god parts, which are no longer dropped on f2p players. So please, elaborate on how f2p players are getting the same parts and making it to rank 1-2.


Well then… it appears your perspective and mine differs due to the experiences we have had. You having little luck but enough to keep playing, while I’ve been doing quite fine.


Just so we dont get confused.
A P2W item is something that is obtained thru spending of tokens or thru some incredible luck.
Those items are : platplats(more then 3), protectors(more then 3), premium wepons(more then 3), torsos.
If some f2p player were lucky to get some it is good for them. But face them against some who got 6-10, and you see the gap.
Sure some that payed had terrible luck, speacking from xperience.
I say P2W when i look at heat.
You cannot build a decent competitive heat mech without 1 or 2 of the folowing premium wepons : redocking, abomination, magma, or heron + grimhole/chaos bringer. Because there are no range freemium 2 wepons.
Ans you cannot build any competitive r5-r1 mech without a platplat and myth protector.
Just my take on how that gap is.


hi all, what will be update?

i think news drone pay