Upcoming updates - Update


Hi dear devs and TS team, @Sarah247, @jonny, @Mohadib, @SilverBox,

We have been told that 2 major gameplay updates were in the making:

  • enhencers (dont know much about those atm).
  • floor pads, that were supposed to be tested in non ladder pvps.

Where do we stand on those?

Thoughts about 2v2; pick 2 out of 3?

Have a good week ya’ll.


Please no have mercy.


In genetics, an enhancer is a short (50–1500 bp) region of DNA that can be bound by proteins (activators) to increase the likelihood that transcription of a particular gene will occur. These proteins are usually referred to as transcription factors.


Oh,please noo.
I’m gonna start hating the game if I see those again.It’s already annoying as hell with the lucky picks in the arena and the unfairness regarding items and stuff,these things are what we need the least.


New update to game format :

  1. Press play button in arena.
  2. Pick mechs.
  3. Wait for results just like in raffle.
  4. Results fail to apear…
  5. Write in forum about the results of the battle missing.
  6. Watch paint dry as you wait for results.
  7. Die of old age… waiting.
    This seems like a better update then the other 2 that were announced.


Realistic you seem to be on mondays mate… i loled… ts team loled… good times…


Realistic… i don’t know why we even bother to sugest good things to the game.
Nothing that would benefit the players or the FUN of the game will ever be implemented.
1.The unbalance grows deeper and deeper,
2.the gap between P2W and F2P is the size of Atlantic,
3.the drop rates on boxes, specialy premium ones are less then crap… i have seen knees of flees higher then them,
4.the cost of making and maxing a myth is an arm and a leg
5.and to me this game is just a joke that has no reasson to be played serious(that is actualy a good thing).

These floors pads, and enhancers(@DDark_515k nice explanation of what they actualy are, mostly used in controled mutation of diferent breeds ), they seem like nails to the coffin.
Rest of it, play ball… but we are missing the ball.


update always very slow and much late, before well fast
I remember well news weapon once a week

now simple update always the same bullshit
for today I still think raffle pff


Please no floorpads

That’s like getting your house exterminated from rats, and then inviting them back in :roll_eyes:


Now,many f2p have better items than some of those who’ve paid!


And a liver with all the liquor I’ve drank in the meantime.


Wrong :exclamation:

Correct :exclamation:




I mean, True some does have better items than people that paid but others don’t, So both are actually correct in a way


No, screw paying to win, now all you gotta do to be good is have insane luck and the rest of your life left to waste.


indeed, totally agree .
I’m not p2w but for sure have some good items like Spartan , Falcon , Claw etc…


I want that enhancer or Dungeon boss update which has high rewards


Please don’t tell me that you want this thing added?
Just no to this crap.


Mate, i dont want anything. I just asked some feedbacks about what Mohadib announced.
This thread is in no way a request for features, its a request for update about upcoming features (wich were anounced)


Well then.
Good to hear…hope that they won’t release this nightmare.


Well, it was wriiten with this intent in the opening post.