Upcoming shields?


When do you add eneregy and heat shield?


Maybe never - they existed before the update, now only some old player have them left over.


I don’t think those will come back


They were removed, and they will never be added again.


Still waiting for slot removal.


I don’t think this will happen, too…
Plus, some shields do still exist^^


Ok thank you all.I kinda miss that thing :frowning:


Most of us do. :confused:


Yup.Im just hoping if they can just bring old item’s back.


I also hope. Also welcome to the forum. :smiley:


Ah thanks.I wanted to see how it looks like in here :smiley:


Is a nice place. Is easier with others’ guide and when you can post your ideas. You can meet a lot of new people. You can be informed about updates. And you can have fun :smiley:


I hope everyone is friendly :slight_smile:


Well, most of us…


Yeh just a problem is that i am still learning how to do new thing in here.Ive never been on a formus except this.


Okay. There is a 20 characters limit. Which means your replies and topics can’t be shorter than 20 characters. You will maybe see some people without it, but they just use some tricks. A blur spoiler is as normal text but is blurred. You can unblur it by clicking on in. To make one, click on the options icon above the text writing space and choose blur spoiler.


A poll is used mostly for ideas. When you post an idea and you can make a poll with yes and no vote choices.


And just to know, nobody here wants trading. So don’t suggest it. :slight_smile:


Ok and how to post votes?


Go to the options icon above the text writing space and choose poll. There, write your vote options. You can also make a rating poll, for example from 1 to 10. That can be use when rating fanart.