Upcoming Game Optimizations in the Closed Beta


Hi Guys, Mohadib from Super Mechs Design Team here.

Just writing to give you some insight on what’s going to be in the Beta and what changes are coming up in the game soon.

The first test is going to be about Items Rebalancing. We’re working to have more balanced items per tier, adding some new items and making Boosting much more meaningful. Having more balanced items will allow exploring different strategies effective against all types of Mech builds (yes, against heat builds as well…)

Players that will be selected to the Closed Beta will have a chance to experience some of the items, build mechs and fight PvP battles. We will direct you what to look for during this gameplay and what type of feedback we’re looking for.

At the second stage we will test changes to the Progression curve (Players will finally be able to gain more than 30 levels) and Rebalanced Economy with much more interesting rewards vs spending. Again, players that will be selected to join the beta will have a chance to try these and give us feedback while we’re still working on them.

We’re likely to test some other things along the way so stay tuned - all in all, really exciting things are coming up! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to watching you play and discussing the changes with you, so make sure you register to the Beta!



Listening to all this it seems like you may revive the fun of SuperMechs


I want to join! :slight_smile:


This is something new and interesting.


I really like that we can test stuff and give feedback: the players who get the official release will be much happier because they won’t get stuff against their will!

Kudos to SM team for this one. :grinning:

By the way: are there any rewards for beta testers? :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems as if youre completely redoing the game,And as The devil said reviving the fun.If possible i want a spot in testing the beta


Sounds very interesting, hopefully this will make the game fun again. :slight_smile:


Are testers still needed? Because I want to participate. :slight_smile:


We still haven’t selected the testers so basically everyone can still register.
I do suggest you’ll do it sooner rather than later, though. :slight_smile:



I’m very excited with the upcomming balance! It’s really something that SM needs a long time, would be amazing clicking on the big “Battle” button and have no idea what would you find! Really impressive.

It is tiring to enter ladder and literally know what type of mech you will find …

Dual Swarms, Dual Shredders, Armor Breakers, Major Electric Build (Coldfire, E.P.Shotgun, Supernova) …


sounds cool, more lvl, more power, more monsters on game, and the chance to be one of those who make it :slight_smile: nice nice :rabbit2:


Making The Game To A Very AMAZING One ! And I Want To Join Too!:slight_smile:


How are the people selected for the closed beta


Will there be any new mythical


I willl be happy if there will be 3player vs 3player battles, or room battles till last survivor, game is great but it can be more great, good luck SM team! love u :heart_eyes:


How can Last Survivor be done on a 2D battle screen


I think he meant something like this:
Player A vs Player B
Player C vs Player D
Player E vs Player F
Player G vs Player H
They fight each other (1v1, 2v2 or even 3v3), and then…
Player A wins
Player C wins
Player F wins
Player H wins
Each one of them does progress to the next “round”, and so Player A fights with Player C and Player F fights with player H.
Player C and Player H win the match and progress to the “final”, where Player C wins.




team 1 [ player A, player B, player C]
team 2 [player D, player E player F]

battle starts…
A vs D
—other player are watching battle and waiting

during battle
player A and player D can send requests to their teammates about change mech, teammates who are waiting can do it also, send request to active player.
It’s like normal 3 vs 3 but there are 3 player vs 3 player