Upcoming Feature: Competitive Seasons

Dear Pilots,

We have another special announcement!

In about two weeks a new challenge will land in the arena for all pilots in ranks 1-5.
Instead of only fighting in 2vs2 battles, each week will present a different challenge:

  • 1vs1 (without mech selection)
  • 2vs2 (with mech selection as it is today)
  • 3vs3

This way highly ranked players will be able to compete in a different challenge every week, making the competition much more fresh and interesting.
To make things simpler, players will also start earning “Expert points” for ranking starting from Rank 5, and if you achieve rank 5 in a season, you will not be able to drop below it.
Ranks 25-6 will not be affected by this change.

We can’t wait to see which strategies you’ll bring to the Arena and who will be victorious in this new dynamic era of competitive play.

Good luck pilots!
Mohadib and the SuperMechs team


@Misfit there goes your poll about mech roulette
Also thanks Mohadib!
Another good feature added to the batch



Getting to level 4 meant you couldn’t drop down to level 5 until the new season started which has now changed. Is this latest update the reason why you can now drop out of level 4 back to level 5?

Very interesting.
Seems like the team thought it through.

  • Many players can now build 1 good rounded. 1v1 week will be very open and very competitive. Many will have a shot for top spots.
  • 2v2 week will be the “have fun, take your counters out and push the roulette”
  • 3v3 week will make the tops less accessible for lesser deep inventories. Competition will be more phased, nevertheless interesting i believe/hope.

Having those rotating will bring a certain dynamic.

Playing only arena, im quite excited. Thanks team. You surprised me, that might be a good compromise to keep less doted ones and deeper ones a shot for fun and competitivity.



not ideal but better than what we have assuming it isnt a random format each week and cycles through the order.


finally something that it sound exciting, i can’t believe it


You mean rank???

:fire: ~Inner pilot intensifies~ :fire: It is time to smack everyone out of top 10.


Yeah sorry, rank not level.

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Yeah that great for me and everyone
But I don’t know did @Wepwawet blame me for coward action after 3v3 realise?!?

Literally anyone below rank 5 (including me):


Good work, nevertheless.


good new !
I’m waiting for this since longtime

I must fight for 1v1 and 3v3
But 1v1 only great for triple magma mech can battle
For 3v3,if I win I can earn many AP!:slight_smile:

So strange to see positivive comments in this place. Lost the habit.

Way to go team.


“fresh and interesting”

i lol’d

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Tripple magmas on 1 battle can be challenged by good phys roundeds. 1v1 will be very tight and open.
3v3 will be owned by the few guys able to line 3 of those though. Will be much more difficult to access tops.

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This is so bad… on so many levels.
Another update for only some…
With dedication for certain individuals…
Biasness extends further, crossing the boundries of the forum and reaching the development department.
Now :
1v1 meta :

2v2 meta :

3v3 meta :

Very pro pro pro tip :
Go buy packs to build them.

Ps : Dont…


Seems you already did.