Unworth to buy tokens. Free stuff is better


Probably you know that some players buy tokens. I buy them too. But today I have to ask you a question - is it worth to spend $ on this game? Not because you don’t have money or something but… Because free stuff is way better! About 3 months ago I’ve got Bunker Shell from Fortune Box… Month ago - Valiant sniper as a level up reward. And todays drop from fortune box is here

You may think why I am writing this. That’s because I bought over 1000 tokens and got shit. Just shit. Don’t think I just spent 1k tokens bcs I was collecting them from ads, daily quest etc. so I spent maybe 3k. I was buying boxes mostly on 30% sale and some on 20% sale. And I know some of you guys spent WAY MORE money than me.


I have been waiting for a crimson rapture ever since it came out


I would say no. Buying tokens, nope. Its a waste of money. And here is the thing, getting tokens or just buying them is actually not even worth it. It makes the game boring.


it depends on the currency value of your city.

For example, R$323 is equal to $99, doesn’t worth for me to pay R$323 for 6500 tokens but this value may not be a problem for USA people.


In Poland it is 4.50 PLN = 1 $ in supermechs
Normally it is about 3.50 PLN = 1 $ :laughing:

But I wasn’t writing about this. I just got all my premium stuff from free boxes (?) lol


So rename the topic Lol.


seriously those who grab these issues better shut up is not secret and disclose it in the forum will be so they stop and no longer pass, seriously you get something good do not divulge it, it is not fair that because of it does not come out to others




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For 100$ in sm you pay 500 pln :frowning: