Unpaid for quiting trolls must pay 10 tokens now! (Obsolete post)

Some people might enter and leave just to get stars and nothing’s earned if they’re not hit.
Players should also lose something else for leaving, 10 tokens maybe it cost to leave if you didn’t fight.
And we get the 10 tokens.

A player given terms of accepting duels shouldn’t result a player leaving without consequences.
That player must be way less important every time he quits without inflicting damage.

If you’re aiming for public matches, you’ve accepted the terms of fighting other players, if you leave then you’re obviously doing something you shouldn’t.

The freezing/closing browser part is acceptable, clicking quit isn’t.
Once time’s out it’s decided that you’ve lost and both you and the player has compensations. Freezing/Closing browser doesn’t count as quitting, but using the quit option is unacceptable.

When you get match ups like this

It’s probably best to just quit bcz the results are going to be



#What if they’re not trolls? NOT ALL OF US ARE SALTY TURDS OKAY!?!??!


You’ve only written before me your beliefs on if they’re intending or not, and that doesn’t matter to me. I don’t question my own posts and don’t see any flaw in my suggestion. Using the quit feature should result consequence, this can only be offensive if you’ve accepted our public fighting terms. The most polite thing to do is attack once then leave, otherwise there will be no compensations to the player that has accepted the terms in the same way everyone does.

They can either be avoiding/aiming for troll, you’re right. Your belief is consequential, what if they were/weren’t doesn’t matter to the player which isn’t paid after they’ve used the quit feature will only result them being scammed of being there for a fight which was in their intentions anyway.

If you’re interested in our public matches, then you’ve accepted the public fighting terms which means there will be a fight and if there aren’t any fights because of you using the quit feature, then there should be consequences.

Please think before you type because all I’ve found in your writing was an direct insult to my intelligence with your comment with beliefs of what isn’t needed or just to troll as I’ve complained about above.

If you’re interested in taking part in any public matches then there are terms that are acceptable and that is the player’s improvements being an obstacle or yours which is no different than being self centered and paranoid of there being results that you wouldn’t find as acceptable as you being the victor.

I’ve noticed you’ve accepted the terms of conflict and your HP differences between our logic is kinda unrelated to this topic. You fear the results after accepting the terms will only result you leaving hence there should be some compensation to the player and a lost of tokens for you after leaving the match as the consequences for using the quit feature.

The refresh button/freezes are acceptable because it was never an option given to the player and shouldn’t be consequential to anyone.

I don’t like trolls BIG HERO 6 could be losing stars, and the opponent gains stars not gaining their expected compensations which should result a reduction in your tokens twice as much just for complaining about what improvements your competitor has.

I want it to be hard for you trolls to play.
And if you can’t pay that player and have 0 tokens 50% of your gold is taken in gain for 24 hours.

some players are still experiencing tech issues with the game. The developers have not fixed the problem.I think a lot of the quitting players are just freezing and the browser crashing. hope that helps.

The freezing/closing browser part is acceptable, clicking quit isn’t.
I find players using these features wrong as they’ve accepted our public fight terms.