Unlucky Sale wews

Bought 5 superpremium box get 2 legendary but its common as crap and i got epics nothing new how screwed this sale is so sad for me no luck just crap

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atleast you got legendaries. Be happy with what you got :wink:

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How bout new legendaries that i never have or some epics? Thats all that i need not repetitive epics that drops like commons lol

I quit just like other people did this game is crap

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They should give everyone the opportunity to make progress. Because even people who don´t buy, have to eat the ads, and that’s money for the company as well. So somehow all, some more, some less, we pay …

Twice a year, for example, should give everyone the opportunity to choose the item they want to have. It will not unbalance them so much the budget and will encourage thelittle players to move forward. The game would be less stagnant and would become more interesting.

There is another thing that is obvious: if you have a mech more or less built and you get a better item, that will force you to change some things, right? So, give good items is not a loss for the company.

But sometimes it seems that we live in the world upside down …



And besides, if there are not enough “strong” players in the game, and only a handful of paying players, this game will get boring fast for those who paid, and they’ll probably stop playing/paying.