Unlucky Joe - Thread to post my drops


whynwould u skip the portal tho


I skipped it


Why? Because it’s absolute shet and I’d rather spend my time and fuel getting gold.


Better to do every difficulty just for tokens and then leave it alone


exactly :100:

people ask for a portal then skip doing it once it comes? lolwhat


I was busy doing other stuff.

And no one asks for portals anymore, we all know that they’re trash.


Another broken, nefed, scummy 5 premium pack offer for 1k tokens has appeared, it’s 5th already if I’m not mistaken…should I buy it?

  • Yes.
  • F**k no!

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Seems like people wanted me to buy the offer, too sad it’s gone already…
( please open them from top to bottom )

But I actually bought it in time on my newbie account…and I decided to open just 1 pack for now…

This was the result:

I’m both happy and sad at the same time, because I got this item on my newbie account, which hasn’t reached level 150 yet, which hasn’t 2 properly built mech’es, which can’t even complete day 5 of the Raid…

Meanwhile my main account and unlucky account don’t have that item, despite having max account level, despite spending more time on them despite investing more in them…

I’ve been told many times by support and some individuals on this forum that all accounts are equal, that there are no bad/unlucky accounts or accounts with better luck…
This unboxing right here tells that all those arguments are Complete Bullshit!

I wish you all best of luck, and I do feel sorry for people who happen to get the unlucky account.


The porcentage for each account must be a variant, varying each day maybe…


It does not, really. You got lucky, I see no proof here. Killin himself has gone into the game files and observed that drop rates are not tied with accounts.


Unlucky “Joe.”

The title been saying it all for me…

I’m also a Joe…



The thing is this is my beginers account and I got the plat plate on it just playing for around 2 months on it, meanwhile playing much more and longer 1+ year on my main account and unlucky I still haven’t gotten a single plat plate on them.


well, i have played this game for four years now, and i don’t have a platplate.(among others)…


A new challenger approaches - Hybrid Energy Cannon
I decided to open a pack per each account, here are the results:

Main account

Newbie account

Note: the pack on this account was pre-ordered, I opened 1 from my 5 pack scam offer just to see if it potentially will include the new item, it didn’t…

Unlucky account

Yay ( ^^ )


Unlucky acc got it?
Fam this game is opposite.


Guess what’s going on in Super Mech currently?! ( 24.11.2018. )

Here's a hint:

This thing

So I decided to participate, since I’m feeling lucky today.

Main account

Newbie account

Unlucky account ( 2x )

Yes, I know it sounds and looks quite ironic, but I don’t consider these legendaries any good at all, because I have no use for them and I have already 2 copies of them laying around, in fact this is my 6th Archimonde…

I said I’m feeling lucky not that I actually am lucky.



All in one mad dash for fusion . Sale boxes sucked too.


Would you look at that…

Since it’s clearly written to open NOT BUY premium boxes/packs, I decided to participate.
I opened 25 premium boxes.




Not bad, but I’m still dreaming about Reckoning…


5 entry BONUS