Unlucky Joe - How to get screwed over by Tactisoft


Hello I’m testing the video format of box openings, here is a test video of a premium pack.


I’m thinking about moving from images to videos, since it’s indeed getting quite tedious with ridiculous amounts of images per unboxing session.
A special thanks to @Dwightx for showing and educating me on how to make videos about Super mechs, visit hes channel, it’s quite entertaining!


Let me know what you think about this format, If you like it, then I will do all the unboxings from this point on with this format, that would include portal loot opening on my Unlucky account from Blizzard Dissolver portal ( farmed on hard mode )

  • Yes, do unboxings in video format!
  • No, I like image format more!

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New drone has been released! The Short Ranger, will start farming and I will farm only hard mode since the previous Insane mode portal farming made me really disapointed… out of 35 insane mode mix boxes 0 legendaries…


Here are the results of my 30 Mix boxes, that were farmed on Short Ranger item portal hard mode( on unlucky account ) :

At same time please tell me if you like the video format for unboxings

  • Yes, I like video format!
  • No, I prefer the old image format!

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Not one legy…that sucks


Here’s my main account’s loot:
And here’s the results of first half of it:

Overall I’m pleased, hopefully second half will be as good as this one, will open tomorrow, and is this format better?

  • Yes
  • No

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A chaos Bringer and a myth kibble…I’ve seen worse ^^


Raivo_Alisausks, thank you for posting the photos! I prefer this format much more than a video.


Why is this in Unlucky Joe. You were lucky. lol Your making us look bad. :wink: Especially me.


Because I got lucky this time doesn’t mean that I wasn’t unlucky previous 6 months


Hey, I decided to open 1 premium pack on my main account in hopes of getting the new item Long Ranger or some other useful stuff, here are the results:

I think theres no need to comment, because every one knows how a player feels after being scammed like this…


You’re not alone…


Here’s the part 2 of my 44 mix portal boxes( 22 mix boxes):

Conclusion: Disappointment


Idk if it’s worth mentionning, but all pictures are in double…

I find it weird ^^


Wait, they indeed are, I’m gona check if I put some of them twice accidentaly.


I just edited the post, it should be now as originally intended.


This may be the best post in the forum in at least a year. Well done, sir… Well done. :+1:



@Raivo_Alisausks bad rng, it happens sometimes… i was a really unlucky guy until one day i started get some good things, like the last portal where i got this:

Another thing i got from a simple fortune box too:

Just keep trying…


The time has come BOIS…FOR THE FORTUNE BOXES :exclamation:


I bet you were expecting a different number :3
But don’t worry there will be more and bigger unboxings later on.

I’ll do the unboxing tomorrow :3


I killed the thing…

I read from bottom to top :joy_cat:

But I’m looking forward it ^^


I’m about to do the unboxing, and my main No.1 wish list item would be Burning Shower this time.

Before that I would like to ask you @YGGM, @DuduSantos, @Mechzilla, @JamAnime12 and @Kitsune98 for a good ol’ papa bless.