Unlucky Joe - How to get screwed over by Tactisoft


Help me to choose ( mainly for my unlucky account, because on the 3rd newbie account I’m already determined to obtain this offer )

  • Yes, I should buy it and potentially waste 1k tokens and portal opportunity, in hopes I’ll get lucky.
  • No, I should save my tokens for something else and portal.

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Do it.


Hey quick update, I just opened my season reward on my newbie account and this is what I got:

I want to remind you that this was Rank 15 box :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:

Damn, low rank account with level 65 has higher chance of getting legendary from arena box than my unlucky account level 150 with rank 5…


I bought the offer for 1k tokens for 5 premium packs on 2 of my accounts- the newbie low level account and my unlucky account.
Heres what I got from my newbie account:

And here are my unlucky account results:

Yes, I didn’t open all of the packs, but I’m still disapointed with results, as usual…


I mean…you got beasts.
Ayy welcome brother.


So Tactisoft decided to release another waste your money event this time featuring: The Burning Bath.

I opened 1 pack on each of my accounts, here are the results:

Main account:

Newbie account:

Unlucky account:

The only happy part is the unlucky account this time around and I didn’t know about the sneaky portal would of farmed the crap out of it otherwise…

Vote now If you want me to buy another premium pack on my unlucky account, I will buy another if at least 6 people agree

  • Buy another one!
  • No, you had enough, save for legit portal.

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Better save, they said that soon will be legit portal so I think in next week we’ll get blizzard dissolver I think, item bad but portal may be good


I am enclosing to my goal of 100 fortune boxes on my unlucky account, currently I have 81.
I predict that I will be able to get 100 of them after 3-4 weeks.

Until then I’m leaving this pole for you to vote for an unboxing, I will do the unboxing if there will be at least 15 positive votes within 2 weeks since now. ( Poll closes at 13th October 11:59 PM )

If we don’t reach the required vote number then I’m not doing the unboxing and keeping to pile up my stack of fortune boxes for another time.

  • Yes, open dem fortune boxes!
  • No, we can wait…for more…

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Here’s loot from my newbies account rank 11 arena box:



pssst… wana see them opened?


en todas las cajas de la fortuna solo azules o epicas a mi


Well guess what @SR.Miyagi, you were wrong!!!

Damn boi…Daaaamn boi…DAMN BOI…almost all most important items in just 1 fortunate fortune box opening!
Im very happy with results!

After such an unboxing I feel like I don’t deserve the title of Unlucky Joe anymore.


Wow. Was that hard or insane?


Damn, Heronmark, I need that. ;(


But wait, I do feel that I deserve the title after all, because here are the results of my Blizzard Portal farming on my main account, I want to remind you that all of theese boxes were farmed on Insane mode.

This unboxing was dedicated mostly to @XSparky simply because he’s the one who wants me to do insane mod :3

My motivation to farm on Insane is dead
Considering that I spent around 540 tokens on those boxes in return to receive just 1 legendary…


These all were fortune boxes that I farmed during 1,5 months.
Some included portals, but most of them were from campaign farming.

By the way this was my newbie account so 100 fortune boxes on unlucky account or 160 fortune boxes on my main account were not harmed, they’re for another time :wink:


joder! :confused: pos si también con las cajas


Use that heronmark, very underrated


How many images??


Fortune boxes should have 24 images and Insane portal boxes 35 or 36 images