Unlucky Joe - How to get screwed over by Tactisoft


I’m about to do unboxing of my Lighting Platinum Vest portal loot, but before I show anything, I would like you to guess how many portal mix boxes do I intend to open
So heres a pol specially for that:
Choose the number which you think is the correct amount of portal mix boxes that I intend to open

  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • 50-60
  • 60-70
  • 70-75
  • 75-80
  • 80-90

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Heck I expected that people would be more hyped about this :neutral_face:


How do you do it that you don’t open immediately packs and they are going to unclaimed


I am hyped


I just have my inventory full and then grind the portal, and the boxes pile up.


Well many people guessed 5 at the time to be specific and guess what! All of you were:


The real number is 109 :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:




Wow, I know what I’m now gonna do when portal comes


I will start by opening 43 Mix boxes from my Unlucky account, all these boxes were farmed on hard mode
Here are the results:


Now I will show you what I got from Mix boxes that I got from Insane mode
This unboxing is dedicated for @XSparky simply because he asked me to do it.

I want to apologize early because I manged to get only 6 Mix boxes before portal disappeared, I didn’t have enough time to get more, but here are the results nonetheless.

I am actually impressed by the results considering those were only 6 mix boxes, this makes me motivated to do way more insane mode grinds in future portals!


Damn! Nice Legendaries.


One last big wave is coming :exclamation:
Here are the results of my hard mode grindings on my main account ( 60 Mix boxes ) :

I’m impressed.


In colncusion

This probably was the best portal box opening I ever did!

In total out of 109 mix boxes I received 6 legendaries and 4 of them were premium class.
I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get anything new or useful for my unlucky account not a single legendary there :cry:, but guess that’s why it is considered the unlucky one. :pensive:

What I learned from this portal is that Insane game mode appears to be underrated or maybe I just got lucky, to fully find out if Insane has higher chances for a legendary drop than Hard mode, next portal on my main account I will try to farm mix boxes exclusively on Insane mode, so stay tuned for that!

I wish you the best of luck on obtaining all the desired items!


Nice items you got there.


I wonder … Why are almost all the common items are Rocket Launchers?


I had a theory once that those were meant to be legendaries that specific Rocket launcher as an error in code which drops it, not the legendary, but nobody believed and support also denied it and it appears that it’s false aswell, considering the drops.


Valiant and Claw! Two things I need to make my energy mech stronger… I really need 2nd Valiant


Interesting teory… Nice thread, bro.


Thanks :slight_smile:
Many unboxings are up to be revealed


Rocket Launcher is actually the Common-Common version of Rapid Destruction, the Rare-Epic version of Spartan Carnage :smiley_cat:

And Rocket Launcher is actually one of the tutorial items :smiley_cat:


It appears that 5 packs for 1k tokens scam offer strikes back!
Last time I bought this offer and got 8 packs full of useless epics…
This time I’m considering buying the offer on my very old newbie account which currently is level 65,
Also I’m thinking about purchasing it on my unlucky account but I’m really unsure about it because on my unlucky account around 80-90% of packs that I opened had epics only and I’m not even over exaggerating.

So should I give it another go? If I do buy it on my unlucky account it will plausibly force me to skip next portal ( well I would still farm it but would get very few boxes ).