Unlucky Joe - How to get screwed over by Tactisoft


Yeah I got screwed over just only for 7th time…


Another portal , another grind this time the item is Basalt Dissolver ( 08.08.2018 )

Opponents seem to be weaker than last portal might aswell try to grind this portal on main account on Insane mode.

As usual will try to get 50 Mix boxes and show what crap I got which never includes any legendaries…

I’ve been really fed up lately with portals and all boxes, I kid you not, I haven’t received new legendaries for around 2-3 months, if I won’t get at least 6 legendaries from 50 mix boxes I might as well quit…


Broh! I really like the job and effort you made to present how screwed over is the concept TS devs have with this game. If you do not know me, ask dudes around here who I am… One of the hardest opponents to all stupid ideas Mohadib and Co. have ever had! But at one point I grew too tired of my ranting, getting screwed over and over again (I am a legacy player, and so I went through all the rapes and ass spanking the playerbase could endure in the history of Supermechs!). I can tell you this: I am glad there are guys who take over my mission and try to pinpoint how ridiculous the devs decisions are. Keep up the good work! Honest people count on you!


Idk how you people can save up hundreds of boxes.
If I get an unclaimed box I open it instantly.


At this point I have mentality that box doesn’t contain anything usefull, so I might aswell not open it since I wont get anything from it, thus I can pile them up and open load at once for others entertainment.


Look what I got! ( All farmed on hard mode )
I accidentaly opened 1 before taking picture.

I took me a while to get them because I didn’t have a lot of free time this time.


New item has been released, this time it’s Heat/Physical torso called Molten Platinum Vest.
My goal is to get the torso on both of my accounts.
I opened quite few premium packs 2 on my unlucky account and 5-6 on my main account, funny thing is that this time I got lucky on my unlucky account ( sort of ).

I will start with unlucky account results:

And here are my Main account results:

Conclusion: I got 2 Vest on unlucky account on my first try and opened 2 packs in total and I got 0 vest on my main account ( on which I REALLY need this torso ) and opened 5 packs.
Overall im pleased with results, but I really wish to obtain the Vest on my main account.
I have just enough tokens left for one more pack, should i try it?


Go for it man. With those drop rates it’s totally worth it.


In the last 2 days between 2 premium boxes (2k clan box and day 21 login box), 4 premium packs, and the arena box I received 23 epics out of a total 25 chances at something better.



Oof! Talk about bad luck. image

That’s rough.


Nice results man! That’s a darn good haul. Several ppl would wet themselves at getting the crimson alone…I think that thing is extremely rare


I feel your pain bro, cause I have endured all this crap aswell…


I want to make an Update

I opened 1 more premium pack and I infact did receive the Vest

I wanted to note that I had some issues with the last premium pack, before the Vest came out I had 1 premium pack unopened, I opened 3 that have chance for Vest and then I bought another 1 but it inventory was full so it remained unclaimed.
Later I wanted to open it but 2 packs were separated, what i mean by that is that packs didn’t show up as me having 2 of them, i had 2 different slots for 2 individual packs, and apperantly at that time I opened the wrong
one, and it seems that pack contained 1 Archimonde.
Today I accidentally open my last pack which fortunately contained the Vest, here are the results of the pack:

Overall I’m very pleased with my packs this time around, and I wish best of luck to all of you!


I have gathered around 40 mix boxes from Heat Point portal ( all farmed on hard )

Do you want to see them opened :question:


holy sh!t that’s alot of coins and tokens


Almost forgot, here are the results from my Heat Point portal loot.


Hey, at least you got the thing.


I would have stop when I got it. But didn’t get it.


I’ve got worse loots but haven’t spend single token


A Big Portal Box opening is soon to be revealed

Starring : LIGHTING PLATINUM VEST :exclamation: