Unlucky Joe - How to get screwed over by Tactisoft


No, that’s terrible!


In May, I started sharing results from portal runs. Summarized results were:

  • About 60% of runs dropped a box
  • Between 4-5% of all runs resulted in a Legendary; 6.7-8.3% of boxes contained a Legendary

If those stats were still the same, your results from 92 runs should have been:

  • 92 runs at 60% box-drop rate = 55 boxes
  • 92 runs at 4-5% Legendary drop rate = 3.68-4.6 Legendary items

It is possible that 92 runs is not enough to overcome skewness from a small sample size. When I was charting my results, I was making 400+ runs per portal.

We know that the cost to run portals is now much higher. We know that portals now last only 24 hours rather than 48 hours. The amount of time to run a portal has also been increased (more bad guys to kill = takes longer).

Are portals nerfed? Of course. They’ve tweaked every variable a little bit, making it quite difficult to justify the time or expense to grind a portal.

The other ‘effect’ is that with the introduction of each new mediocre item, the chance that your legendary drop will be what you want/need gets smaller and smaller.

End result = welcome to the suck


Theres is a new item portal that has just opened - The Double Teleporter.
And you know what that means…
Ya boi, unlucky Joe, is going to try to get as many boxes as possible :exclamation:
For this portal I’m ready to spend 450 tokens on my informational unlucky account and around 300 on my other account on which i will try to do insane mode.

I’m not so much interested in item itself than seeing if I will have any luck with legendaries in general.
But this time I want to ask YOU which mode should I grind more - Hard or Insane?


I’m curious about insane personally

I’ve always felt it might actually be worse than hard so I’ve never really bothered to grind it consistently


Alright, I’m going to check which one of my accounts meches are more efficient on Insane, and then use that account only for Insane, I personally hope to do it with unlucky account, because I haven’t done it before with that account, simply because TS refuses to give some decent items, thats why I never had good enough meches to compete on Insane, no matter how much tokens or money i spend on boxes/portals…


I’m sorry but it appears I cannot do insane mode this time…It’s too insane for me…I simply don’t have good enough items to begin with…It takes at least 1 revive for me each time…so as sadly as it is this portal is going to be hard mode only to me…best luck for you all!


I hear ya…

Insane is tough… just stick with hard


This time this portal is pretty hard. I’m needing to revive at the last battle of Hard. I really want the teleport-er. I’m willing to waste away 60 tokens. Already wasted away 20 and got no boxes, in hard. That is sad. See what happens later.


Look what i got…

All of them were gained on hard mode.

Wana see them opened :question:


That is nothing, this is my stash…

Not opening till I reach maybe 10 million gold.


It’s Farmer Joe!


Oh, did I mention, those were all farmed in Bosses Insane.

I left it running on auto.


nice, which bosses?


How many portals did you grind to achieve such a pile?


I didn’t get those boxes from portals. When I do portals, I make sure my inventory is empty.


I opened 50 mix boxes from Double Teleporter portal ( all were farmed on hard mode )

Here are the results…


yes…it is basically the same items i get…


Conclusion : No legendaries…as usual…

Only good thing from this portal was, at least for me, the box drop rate, I received box after completion around 66% of time, BUT this isn’t the case for everyone as I have read on forums through various posts and threads, there was one guy as unlucky as not getting a single box in 31 runs :exclamation:
I find it hard to believe if it’s true, but in any case he deserves to get HUGE compensation if he has proof for it.

Onto the items: Total item amount : 120
Epics : 33 ( 27,5% )
Rares : 80 ( 66,67% )
Comons : 7 ( 5,83% )
Legendaries: 0 ( 0% )

0 Legendaries…AGAIN…But please pay attention on commons I get them so rarely it feels almost like they should be the legendary items and a lot of times common item is regular rocket launcher, you can see very same thing in previous portal loot aswel!!!

Something seems fishy could it be that common rocket launchers were intended as legendaries :question: :exclamation: :question: :exclamation:

I really hope you all got better luck then me!


same here. feel so bad


Sorry mate, you got screwed over. Not enough commons.

Commons rock!