Unlucky Joe - How to get screwed over by Tactisoft


Hello, I have recently noticed that I’m quite unlucky in this game relating to premium box/pack openings and portal farmings, on this thread i want to post and share my bad luck with you all guys! I’m going to post all sort box openings and portal farming results, hopefully these posts will educate and help you in avoiding or benefiting from all kinds of offers that this game gives or the portals that it opens.
I consider my self one of or even the most unlucky player when it comes to receiving new items, I would like to see if someone is as unlucky as I or had similar experiences ( most like yes ).

On this thread you can share you worst moments of portals or worst drops from all kinds of boxes, and hopefully Tactisoft will hear us out and finally buff the legendary drop rates both for portals and premium boxes/packs.

You can laugh at me and post very lucky moments from supermech just to frustrate me, but i don’t really care as long as you have good time , I have nothing to loose, I already lost everything in like previous 20 premium packs and past 6 portals. As long as we have positive atmosphere I think we can have good conversation and share experiences between each other and learn from each others mistakes!

I am going to constantly update this thread and post all sort of unboxings and portal experiences you might aswell give suggestions on which upcoming portal I should focus more in order to give you useful drop rate information or suggest me what kind of boxes to open for your own entertainment.


I am going to begin with 50 Mix box opening from Backstabber item portal ( which is active 26.07.2018-27.07.2018 )
I will post screenshoots from every box and post my analysis results that will show what kind of drop rates you can expect and how much you have to invest, at least from my perspective. I will publish the screenshoots as soon as I get 50 Mix boxes on 1 of my accounts
Note: all Mix boxes will be received by playing hard mode only.


The time when i got perm box but it was legy power kit.


I finally got the 50 Mix boxes! Took a while…

But before i open them i want to say that it took me 12 refills!!! + additional fuel sources!!!
In total it costed me 420 tokens ( 360 for refills ; 50 for 1 day premium ; 1 revive ( didn’t check what autopilot was doing :stuck_out_tongue: ))
The chance of receiving of box was also terrible in this portal particularly, I did 92 runs to get 50 mix boxes and 3 fortune boxes ( not including the one from normal mode ) and i won’t open them , at least for now…
In conclusion the chance to get a box after completion is 54,3% but i think that Tactisoft wants to make it 50%!


543 percent is pretty good …


Here are the results…

Cunclusion: I am VERY DISAPOINTED…AGAIN… no legendaries!!! 0 % for legendaries!!!
But i want you to pay attention to common items i got 5 of them which is very small amount and coincidence or not but 4 of them are regular rocket launchers, I’m starting to suspect that those 4 or 5 commons shouold of been legendaries.
I want to know your thoughts on this and please share your own experience , has this happened to you aswel?!?! I really think that 4 items must had to been legendaries but some error in code or what ever gave me just commons,I would like to know if some had same issue, or I’m simply just paranoid either way i wasted 370 tokens for nothing , well better than premium pack atleast cause those give me epics only!!!


just keep farming

youre bound to get a legendary, whether its this portal or the one 3 portals away from now


On my other account I have farmed up to 34 mix boxes and 11 of them are farmed on insane mode, if you want me to unbox them and show the results…well… I will ask for ten likes for that.


same here


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


I got similar results- this portal is trash


At this rate, he would be better getting premium boxes…and besides, just keep farming is bad advice, since it would probably take hundreds of tokens and a couple more hours to finally get that legendary. It should be like it used to…


I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this.
Indeed,things are pretty terrible as they are now.
Again,thanks for doing this to show us what is actually going on.


Sent a pm to Sarah about the state of the game- she hasn’t viewed it yet


Someone give this man 10 likes

Wait why tf are you asking for likes


Simply to see if people are interested to see another unboxing from same portal on top of that some boxes from insane mod.


Yep, portals are trash. Boxes are trash. Arena is trash. What else? Hmmm …game is trash.

It’s become so bad that I wonder if they deliberately don’t want anybody to play or spend money.

Seriously, I don’t get it.

This game is already belly up. Just a rotting corpse now that the vultures will peck away at until nothing left.


I’ve done 5 refills so far today

I started off 2 refills of Insane, no Legendaries
Switched to Hard, 1st refill 1 Legendary (DawnBlaze)
On my 6th refill overall currently, nothing else since

Current Item Portals are a waste of time
(I can actually build more legends off of Campaign refills rather than waste tokens on this garbage)

Current Gold Portals are a waste of time

I’m believing this whole entire game to be a waste of time
-well it is, but it should at least be a fun waste of time


theres no tradeoff between buying premium boxes and farming the portal unless you intend to refill.


lucky you, knowing myself i would’ve gotten all commons.