Unlimited powerrrr


Well not quite, but I think it warrants a spam post anyway.

First time 2k power has been reached as far as I know :smiley:

I’d like to thank… Everyone who was on the round so that I could conquer them and take their OPs :kissing_smiling_eyes:


where this? o.O

tell me and you may get another conquer… :slight_smile:


This era is M2.

This post must be at-least 20 characters


shucks… M2 ain’t open anymore… :frowning:


can somebody tell me how many man era was this 2 ticker M2?


This era had 4 man alliances




Wow Milan stabbed Raider for the win


Raider? That guy from HORD?


its a joke as i was helping spread around that Raider was doing the boat and not Milan, Raider was actually a random name that Milan picked


A random name and yet so convenient


:stuck_out_tongue: I was top 10 until you decided to obliterate me with nukes and the sort.


About 100 different people have been top 10 throughout the era, that’s what happens when you kill everyone lol. Everyone who had 1000 workers and then built a unit was top 10 for a bit.


Please make a list of everyone thats asked for top 10 here


Milan, that’s lit.

that’s lit, Milan.

it really, really is

it’s lit.

congratulations on the record


I hope those emojis aren’t what I think they are :fearful:


they really are >.>…


damn mods and their crack downs on controversial emoji usage




Look on the bright side, 600 xtals, OCD satisfied.