Universe DOpE (20202020020202020)

(Before you read this you must understand that these are the lingering thoughts that float aimlessly through my mind as my day goes on and nothing I say in this topic is important and does not take a genius to understand. Nothing I am going to say has a deep theoretical meaning to it. it’s rather to just write down because I am bored as hell…This topic will likely get editing a lot because I will be updating all of my thoughts onto it. Some stupid and some dark. So if you’re bored and want to read retarded stuff, here…)

Grab a piece of dirt, what is that? The earth. What is the earth in? Space. What is space?
Space is its own thing making it space. So if space is space. Is the universe the universe? Or space part of the universe but the universe being its own thing and space being its own thing how is it part of one another: They’re 2 different things, if they’re together it dosen’t make them seperate/their own thing. It makes them one thing with 2 things that USED to be different. And then while we solve this mystery we will ride bikes and solve crimes, and then we’re gonna go to the fair, and then we will scrapbook. And then we will draw, and then we will go on a plane to Germany and say NEIN. But on valentines day we will ask girls to be MEIN. Sometimes a day will come when we all die. Very edgy and blunt as it is. Just think about that for a second…Uh HAH! Anyways, I remember those stupid neighbors that go along with the Halloween ornaments wayyy past October going into like damn December. We have neighbors with pumpkins and skeletons standing next to Santa clause and reindeer. What the hell man?! I live up on a hill so for trick or treaters to actually get their candy they have to walk through hell to get to it, hell half the time I don’t even have candy I just give them a half drank sprite. Evil? Yup. Dogs have feet. Running is like walking but with time sped up.
It gives me a confidence boost that Morgz has a girlfriend. Anybody like the smell of books? I can’t be the only weirdo here…I believe that if you shoot yourself in the brain you can still live depending where you were shot at, maybe they can shoot out my retard lobe…What extent does someone have to go in order to achieve “happiness”. If I die i’ll be forgotten within the next generation. Everyones existence is a waste unless you’re contributing to studying modern science or creating new math, OR JUST IN GENERAL DOING SOMETHING GOOD THAT CAN BE REMEMBERED (Like Einstein). Due to so many people living on earth, your chances of doing something really good that appeals to professionals are slim. KIlL ThEm AlLlL AHheHEheHEHhe…The legacy of life is death, crazy opposites aye? If aliens are watching us I can only imagine what their impression on us is…Slime sticks to things. But like, yes. How does glue not stick inside the bottle but only sticks when it comes out the bottle? How many drugs will it take for a drug to drug a drug if a drug drugged a drug drugging another drug? why sometime why? Why is why? Nothing is something if we are aware its something we cannot imagine nothing because in our minds nothing is something so what in the hell is nothing?

:thinking: Atomus? Weko never heard this SM youtuber name before
who are you Weko not know you! Weko know only @Dwightx

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I don’t post SM youtube videos and i’m not popular…Weko think that does not matter.

beware the corona virus :ok_hand:

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Judging by your line of thought, you were either stoned or staring at a spot on the wall when this came to you mind.


It’s called being locked in a room with my 2300+ Line-of-code script and dozing away at space and time.

Incoming wall of text! :dizzy_face:

Nobody forced you to be here, hmmm. Maybe you like the wall of text sir.


Yes, it took you quite a while just to put that lol

Yeah, it was hard to find a suitable emoji.

You could have wrote a Haiku

Oh well, there isn’t a great selection of emojis anyway.


Rip emojis…

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actually lizards are watching us.

hi @Imaizumi dwight remember weko dwight talk in 3rd person view too dwight likes pizza and potato chips