Unit Upgrade Ratio Notation


In what order do you put unit upgrades when talking about ratios? For example, 1:0:2 amr:dmg:rng is what I personally use to notate the standard “pro” build. I feel like we could do with a bit of standardization to reduce confusion, since when discussing ratios, we almost inevitably have to waste time clarifying afterwards.

  • amr:dmg:rng
  • rng:dmg:amr
  • Other (Describe Below!)

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For those of you who omit zeroes, think of the order you’d write a 3:3:4 amr:dmg:rng build and select the option that best reflects it. For those of you who use slashes, dashes, or something else instead of colons, just pretend that the colons in the options are whatever you use.


I’ve always just called it 2:1 range:armour


i just do full squads. my army would consist o a bunch of 1:0:0’s and 0:0:1’s. with the right naming technique, this makes it very easy for my allies to make battle simulations, because they know exactly what’s in my squads

(thank you to daddy ICEMAN for teaching me this. quite a swell lad indeed)


i usually do the arm,dam,rng first but here recently i am thinking about not doing the damage since its kinda a waste of resources since the range gets extra shots and can put a few more arm for the brunt of the attack imo but back in the day when i first started playing we did the arm,dam,rng and it seemed to work good but that was back in 09 or 10 or before that i cant remember LOL


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