Unicorn Event hohohohohohohohoho

wow thanks tacticsoft for this nice warm tokens but i can only clear it in easy mode nice event tho unicorne themed map feels like the game have pony crossovers. :3


A good idea, there would be more such events … Respect

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but it pops out exactly with low on energy just 1run

I didn’t got any notification about this event :confused:

Very good event i farm two legendare and to mach epic=))))))))

Neither did I, but hopefully I read it thanks to @Kukuronee post. Guys, I klicked restore energy, and grinded this event for my entire energy tank (on hard, 110 energy points). I tell you guys, those boxes were insane! 3 x epic (once), 2x epic + 1 rare (several times), 1 epic + 2 rares (couple of times), 3x rare only 2 times! So I never dropped anyting below 3x rare. Now I have a nice pile of epics to transform into legends… GG Tacticsoft, more of the same, please!! @Sarah247, @Mohadib, excellent idea with special boxes and the whole event, but it should be always like 24 hours, so that EVERYONE has an opportunity to grind it and boost the account. Not only a couple of hours… But anyways, GG! Thank you.


I wasnt notified of this event either. what a shame…

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Beautiful event. Finally a good update!

Really should be longer though. It should at least be 24 hours, so players from all around the world can have a chance to participate. :slight_smile:


Marry me please i love you xd

agreed , i would appreciate if @Mohadib would make it longer for a couple more hours…

I did only on easy cuz it ended when i finished


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gasp do it ! make us happy.

Marry me please i love you i need you please lets have baby Mohamonkeys


seriously please make it longer by 1 day. We all need epics for ugrading , if ur not p2w

noooooo i missed it :frowning:
could you guys atleast say that a few hours before the event?

Good mission thank you @Mohadib

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I missed it… :rocket:

So did I! :sob: It is a shame they did not notify players or at least make it longer!

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i missed this… Is this a test? There was no notification even when I logged in… so since I did not need to do any missions, I did not go to the campaign page. Booo…