Unfair fights......really


and fought with many mechs that despite their rank are stronger is to say they get off to be able to win easily, should be something about this, it is annoying that every time I get these guys


Its not the game that is unfair , thats because there arent many at your rank so it match you the higher ranks as a last resort


wadda mean?
this seems totally fair

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Right now r8s r sometimes fighting r2s and u complain of getting matched with r7 h


this seems pretty fair…you are rank 8 and your opponent is only rank 7 which is only one higher than yours


that type is rank 6-5 or there is, this mitical max almost all his mech, think that low rank to get boxes …, apart that low (hypothetically) I get to my q I keep at rank 9 and went up to 8 without stars


But this also happened with or without League. There are always those who hide below or those who lower rankings on the last day. They are the “overthrow-rankings”, as they are called.


Sometimes people go on a losing streak on purpose…
Sometimes it’s because of a system glitch that pairs your rank 6 mech with a rank 1.
But maybe it’s because of the league auto-deranking plus a couple losses from his side.



@Aador_Dasgupta What is wrong? Both of you have maxed myths… The only difference is the drone. Just pray to god you don’t go against a rank 1 energy mech. All in all, you got pretty damn lucky for that to happen, and if you won, say hello to top ten. oh boi Imma get roasted for being a rank 5 energy mech…