"Under the Bridge" Recruitment

sounds like the perfect candidate…and u dont really have to be active…just play as much as u like. of course dead acc s arent welcome :wink:
bring him over :slight_smile:

He aint dead… but just strugleing.
Know whom i am talking about,right?

that was more about in general.
i have a few ideas…but im not 100 % sure :slight_smile:
he might be from romania?

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Is it Dracula?

It is isn’t it.

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Not Drac, but on the same level of Legendry.
He is truly a Legend of this game, and a minor one in real life.
@Powtaito pretty sure i made you smile, and made your night happier :wink:

So it has decended upon us.
All has been said in there. You will be missed, hopefully youll drop by the bored time to time.

Has excepcted from you, its the modest, noiseless exit door. Here is for you my friend, chins up, swords high.



Looks fiting. It can be seen both ways.
One Legend retires.
One Legend rejoins.

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Another Day Under the Bridge…
today i shortly explored top 10 but the pressure was so intense…i had to drop a few losses :wink:
We are still looking for any good add. Yesterday we won an electroshock that was a nice surprise. We are waiting for the legend to come back and hope for other good adds. Please dont hesitate and join :slight_smile:
rank 15 is required for now…let the journey begin…

PS: still missing the legendary Tigermask…please find us!

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Dear President Powtaito:

I wish you luck for Under The Bridge

Love, WinzKay. :blush:

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hahaha … John, Pow, mr.12, Rising and others left Lyll because they were assfaced (sorry, they was angry) by Dany, and you want to put his account in the Pow clan!

I think you better bring it to Lyll, that we have been loyal to the clan and we have even kept the name all this time… or better let Dany choose what he wants to do!!

what are u doing here? leave this thread if you cant add something useful.

its not the place nor the topic you can comment. You WERE about to join too but then decided to dont. I dont want to open old scars. but minimizing what happened back then in a few sentences really doesnt do the past any justice.

anyway please stay in your own clan recruiting for the moment being.


Hey guys we are always recruiting (till full obvious :joy:)

for now we are 11 members and growing. I hope for good players to join and those who want to learn and those who like me (thats a must :stuck_out_tongue: )

anyways for now rank 4 is required cause normally from rank 4 and up those gus dont just jump from clan to clan.
Nonetheless all ranks are welcome…just post here or meet me in chat.

Troll Masters Bored Under the Bridge.


Bored approved.


You should join here . It’s awesome clan . The legend powtaito is in there and his apprentice se77en


example :arrow_up: (in the previous post) post supposedly hidden by flags. where only express my opinion. No bad words, for no reason. thank you for corroborating it, for this reason this forum like the game is dying.

I see “hate speech” and “harassment”

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I would have flagged it anyway since it has nothing to so with my Clan recruitment…Please stay on topic


Sorry I did not know it was a recruiting post. Is that your clan’s name? omg. good luck in your recruitment.

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Oki no harm done. Thx for the good wishes :slight_smile:

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Another Day Under the Bridge.

The hidden folk has grown and look for even braver and more important: talkative people!
We are currently 23/24 and are currently ranked 26th.
So u wanna join a top 30 clan with several veterans to help u out and just have fun?
Dont hesitate to contact me or write something here.
Feel hugged.