"Under the Bridge" Recruitment

Two heads on the same body.


Oliver is Oliver. John is John. But they have funny with that because people believe that shabadoo is John. Thats right. Enjoy with the joke…!! :slight_smile:

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And? it’s not a big thing…
People have fun with that they want…

It’s just nickname’s forum,so…easy joke btw

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@Shabbadoo52 Permission to come aboard captain?

I need to take a break and have a little fun in the new season.


Troll master, lets get ready for an end of season show down :kissing_heart:

I will probably Robin Hood my points to whomever needs them. Player looking for a solo medal, clan Looking to go over the top . Those sorts of things . Sorry if I let you down . Mr e if you want in the door is open .


Id love to see Gros, se77en or Happy getting a shiny pixel… the old guard

7 has 7 . He can earn no more lest he would have to go get 14 or 21 . Has to be a divisor of 7. One more means seven more . He is tired . Been trolling too long .

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Hes been consumed by his inner troll… so be it.

According to Argentinian lore the inner troll comprises Se77en . He is in fact the troll and any outward appearances are a hoax. He can be equated to the trickster Loki in Norse mythology and Mexican legend equates him to the Chupacabra. Do not be fooled by this devil troll for he is cunning. His outward friendliness is merely a ruse. You can see his true evil in his SM builds. CUIDA TE!

Ill call the exorcist in chief directly.

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For you… It may already be too LATE !

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This topic has taken an unexpectedly amusing turn .

You say that because you have a bridge.
Think about those without one. Not amusing

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oh… I see how it is.

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Yep, we just peasants mate :slightly_frowning_face:

hi my friend, good idea make a clan for the old players and
I think you wanted to do or impossible idea

me too I think a lot about the players
their motivated or changed generation.

idea or almost impossible or think stupidly bullshit.
idea a name clan htk -reign -lyll or players retirement only

clan team replace clan team top 1, 2, 3

troll team join htk

team kong nation join reign

reign forever join lyll

I think I said no matter what. lol

ps:but it’s my best idea

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why would reign forever take llyl instead of reign…

that’s right, as I said impossible idea or bullshit

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You too but we got no besty…:: you go by way f best

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