"Under the Bridge" Recruitment

Looking for a veteran player who is sick of the grind of this game . Someone who wants to play for fun. The only requirement is a dedication to alternative builds and massive amounts of testing . If you hate the developers and the meta builds they created and would like to counter them while we watch the SS TSoft sink hit up se77en in the chat.


Im tempted…


URBU is your guy for this one,


I would never steal a player from a top clan but the dark recesses under the bridge are always open fr those who need a break

Dad? it’s you? lol

Salut Papa Troll

J’espère que ça va…

See ya

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I think that song is about heroin addiction…:… Pretty close to what tacticsoft is trying to achieve here . Very appropriate


Yep, nothing more

my posts make sense sometimes lol

A bientot copain


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Clan is active. Plenty of room under the bridge for new students, resentful old timers, those who need a break from competitive play and just want to enjoy, and those who like to test incessantly . Despite popular opinion toxic personalities are not welcome .


Troll Master, just kidding. Shabbadoo, I’m curious, what’s your clan name?

Troll Masters is clan name . Permanent open spots for the following players … Wepwawet ,Jake666666 , Bestplayer, Gorgon , JR, Gros, Dottore, Scymus, anyone from reign, any trolls, powtaito and Mr OneTwo , paradoxon , and el meatball. Everyone is welcome . Big black … Hli…whomever . Fight with a smile . Noobs can learn and vets can chill.


Oh, cool! Thanks for the info.

By the way, I love the title of your topic. It’s hilarious. Troll Master is a good clan name. :slightly_smiling_face:

that song is about heroin adiction :)).
Only old timers know that, that and Kangoo hopers with pink Tshirts and rollerblades.
You basicly hold open spots for pretty much the old gang, of seassoned adicts.
Hmm tempted…

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I’m in.


Interesting, tempting. Living the dream under the bridge huh…

Anyone who wants to play pressure free . I am not recruiting from top clans I just know a lot of people in them. New players are welcome to come and learn. That is the idea … a learning center where the pupils head out and piss people off .


Hey @Shabbadoo52 would you like to join/ merge in our clan. I think we can be better team mates. Here is my clan recruitment post D.E.M.O.N.I.T.E Official Clan Recruitment Post

No thanks but you can come over here . Open enrollment .

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Troll masters 67 percent win rate… Boo!

No. He isnt John. He is Oliver. John is master troll se77. Oliver is mr. 12. Are friends but not the same person.

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