Under the Bridge recruitment thread..,Rank 5 and above

Hello Im Happypoppers from HTK

Im not in charge of the recruitment for Under the Bridge but if you are rank 3-5 or better and not in a top 6 clan. You would have to be fool not to join up with Powtaito.

I invite all HTK side players to join :slight_smile:

77 you need to calm down buddy…im 100% your friend for years,if 77 ask to join our clan of course I jump at the opportunity…We kick account when we find out 100% its not you lol maybe we hold it to long but you lucky it got back to you whole lol

Post here for application to join :slight_smile:

Powtaito please kick your weakest member and we try and find you some better ones :slight_smile: Try to keep 23 and we get one after another lol



Whats that pic have to do with anything ?

upon further review…if you rank 5 or higher you may have chance :slight_smile:

Apply below :slight_smile:

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That dude is in Trolls fast :wink: at rnk 1

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