"Under the Bridge" is giving a place to those Troll Masters out there


Yeah we are still trolling, bridging and kicking.


Trolls shall exist, for they bring balance to the realm.


Hey seriously we are looking for players who

  1. Are good people
  2. want to have fun playing
  3. want to improve

We don’t care what your rank is. We only demand you are a respectful person outside and inside of the clan. We have no win requirements , no titan obligations, nothing really but fun .


Also we fight at over a 70 percent win rate when a certain player of ours doesn’t constitute the overwhelming majority of our wins ! Their name rhymes with CROWPAYTOE


yeah beware: when im on the roll…nothing can stop that win rate to drop!

share that with us. u all are very welcome :smiley:



I would join if I wasn’t already in a clan :blush:


His name is powtaito but no one needs to know



We always have a spot if you need one . Find me or Se77en on game chat. Or pow.


AND YET WE STILL LOVE HIM… because we are having FUN !


i would join but i cant be fucked to find se7en in chat.


I will be on in about an hour…so u can look for me


Look now or set a time for tomorrow . Be mindful he is in the US so schedule accordingly


“He is also hung(a)ry :exclamation:



I’m AssClown and I approve this message. Only if you bring beer with you. We’re running low. :yum:


If the clan wasn’t attractive enough we also have a clown


Hey @Powtaito @Shabbadoo52 @AssClown! I just wanted to thank yall for the short time I had within the clan. It was that that inspired me to persevere through the time in which I was clanless. You all gave me a sense of hope, and I appreciate that. I know my wishes for the clan were different that those of the leaders, but I never wanted to draw attention to myself, and just felt that I should let yall know that. I am now in BTB, and have been excepted as I am. I believe I have finally found “my people”. I have grown somewhat stronger, as my mechs may show:

I just wanted to say hello to you all and inform yall on my progress. Well, talk to yall later, and wish me luck! :smile:


Right on bro. Good luck my man


New clan under the bridge . New leader powtaito. Ying clown and tiger mask please come back home . Had to change leaders .


Well times change and so does life.
Sadly i have to announce that our leader, headmaster, mentor, friend and a real good man se77en decided to leave the game.
So the time has come to close the troll masters.
but when something ends…something new has the potential to rise. So here i present you the new clan under my lead:
Under the Bridge

Same guys are in there and the same goals will be followed.
Having fun, being friends, learn from eachother , fool around … simply just having a good time.
Any friendly people are welcome!


Might just have a potential candidate for your clan… he is a bit rusty… and a bit out of shape… and really close to an inventory lock down…
And i still have to convince him to be active…
But he could sure use a sight of friendly faces.
What you say?