Unattended Game, good Work Tactisoft-Supermech

Imagine the unattended that this game is, that these things happen. negligence on the part of managers and administrators, only this happens when really when your level of commitment is at a very low level … good work team tactisoft-supermechs

and PC not working… @Alexander


Yeah , like a mod from an entirely different game is the only person actually attending the issue , they can’t even do greedy right half the time and greedy is tactisofts favourite thing ! , a complete disregard for anything from simple game balance all the way to not even doing basic things that keep the damn game working.

( No doubt they will try and say sorry by trying to con us into buying more tokens )


Buying tokens?
Two chances of that happening…SLIM and NONE.


100% true … (20 characthers)

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