Unable to fire weapon, aka false "out of range"


was recording 1v1 battle against diamond shell push build
at some moment I walked 3 tiles towards my opponent, getting into range of 4 and thus allowing to attack with my Heat Orb Cannon… at least thats what I planned to do

as you can see, Heat Orb Cannon button is disabled and has “out of range” icon. Obviously this is a bug, since we all know Heat Orb Cannon has range of 3-6; I even had my cursor held over this weapon and its range can be seen on the screen, with my opponent clearly being inside that range. Still, I just couldn’t press the button and fire weapon; I had to cool down instead this turn.

It should be noted this is not first time I encountered this bug; some time ago, I couldn’t fire Heat Orb Cannon after walking from range 2 to range 3 (sadly I made no screenshot that time). I also don’t know what causes this bug, as most of the time “walk, then fire Heat Orb Cannon” works perfectly.

I recorded entire battle on the video. It also demonstrates how Burning Tractors are walking (like legs) and not riding (like tank tractors)


It’s not a range bug, it’s a connection problem. (just to make it clear to devs.)


I am not alone who suffers from this bug


How is it a connection problem? This didn’t affect me when I was playing over wifi, only when I was using a faster wired connection.


‘Connection problems’ isn’t directly related to your wifi.


So server sided problems?


I think it’s one of the oldest glitchs, it’s all happened to us all.

It probably happens when you’ve moved the mechs or done tests in the workshop. Your mechs behave as if it were another mech and the weapons appear out of range.

Once, playing in 3x3, I was lucky and solved by changing the mech in battle, but it does not always work.


information that actually could amke devs to finally fix this bug
this bug sometimes allow to fire a weapon twice in the same turn. So far this happened to me few times and only in campaing (level I am grinding is 100% beatable by me without any bugs, so it hardly matters there), still I wonder if this actually may happen in PvP.


Same thing happened to me today. I Had 200 hit left the other guy had 70 so it was an easy kill if it didn’t screw me over. Walked into the 2-4 range wanting to use my Devastation Swarm Mark II rockets but it said out of range, had 1 move left before my drone would shoot, had no other weapons so did cool down, drone then shot brought him down to 25. He then killed me PDQ went from 200 to dead :rage: