(Un?)Real Expectations

First off for those with the attention span of a mouse. TL;DR.

This is not a whine post. I know there will be a few who want to characterize it as such but it’s a question of Time vs Reward.

I started playing in December and I’m questioning if it’s worth investing any more time into this game.

Perspective: I started out as a Heat mech and switched to Physical when I a Spartan dropped at the end of January prior to 2v2, I believe. My Phys is now Maxed out. My heat is (unfortunately) maxed out as well. My Energy is just becoming Myth but here is the problem.

The only way to advance in this game is with drops. Since January I’ve gotten 1 L+ drop that is usable. The Claw, while significant, is nothing without the weapons/modules to make it come to its full power. Now, you may be thinking I’m asking for all drops in the game. Fair enough, here are the L+ items I have that are useful. Claw + Spartan. That’s right, 6 months of playing and I still don’t have 1 single Heat L+ drop.

It’s a luck based game but how skewed should that luck be? I’ve ran up against a wall. Where I used to be able to get into R3 that is slowly degrading and now R4 is a struggle. Why? Am I now a worse player? Of course not. This is an item based game and since I’m getting no items I’m not progressing while others are and now surpassing me.

So, I accept I’m just unlucky. I keep losing out when I’m buying Premium Boxes or farming Portals. I keep getting nothing no matter how much time or tokens are invested. So, now I ask myself is this intentional design of the game and if so… What’s the point continuing? Fun is getting better but for almost half a year I’m getting slowly worse through no fault of my own.

So, are my expectation unreal at this point? I can’t help but think of the drop nerf plus the introduction of more and more weapons that just make the it harder to get the needed drops.


Your words don’t sound like whining to me. I think your frustration is justified.

I also began in Dec. The game has changed a lot since then. It obviously changed a lot before you and I began playing.

Your luck sounds bad, but it does seem like the overall trend of drop quality has been negative. For a game that is based on drops, declining drop quality means declining fun.

Your decision is tough, but only you can make it for you.


most if not every f2p player gets stuck at some point, spend some momey of you want

Who said I haven’t?

I purposely left that out because it should have absolutely no relevance to the conversation unless you are suggesting there is separate drop pools for people who spend money and those who don’t.

If that is the case this company is disgustingly dishonest.

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While I don’t disagree, assigning our own morality/ethics to TS is not binding.

When asked about anything related to drops, TS either goes silent or provides an answer that has little to do with the question. By making no real claims, they don’t really break their word.

If this is what you are frustrated about - them not living up to what you think is fair - then you’re answering your own question about whether to stay or go. They will do what they will do.

I think you misunderstood what I was saying.

I’m giving TS the benefit of the doubt and don’t believe they have separate drop tables for people who pay vs people who don’t.

That would be so unethical that only the worst of the worst would do something like that. But, a little transparency would sure go a long way in community trust. Let’s face it, when I talk to other people who play this game they don’t have much trust for Tactisoft and until they fix that. It will hold their business back.

Whether money or time. If you don’t get a tangible reward for either than people spread the word it’s a poor investment.

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So you basically need a either Heat Ax or Crimson Rupture or… uh… That’s all the heat L-M weapons I know XD

But anyways, I’ve been trying to get claw all my life and I haven’t gotten it yet, So… Yeah, You and I the same, Haven’t got a single Physical L-M weapon or legs

…and the likelihood of you ever getting them will keep dropping as more and more items are added to the drop table.

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Well, I don’t think I misunderstand. While I agree with you that this kind of practice is terrible, we don’t get to force our ethics on them. Ethics aren’t legally binding. If they were, they would cease to be ethics and become law.

Research I’ve done satisfies me that different drop tables do exist. What isn’t clear is how they are assigned. I suspect that paying is only one of the requirements. Since all who pay don’t get the best items, however, it seems that other factors are considered as well.

I stick around for reasons that are my own. None of those reasons include trusting TS or assuming that they follow my ethics.

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My experience:

Drops are crap until you have a certain amount of game time in, and according to lvl and rank.

Spending becomes imperative in order to progress past R3/2

Despite all the conspiracies, I truly believe that all accounts have the same chance of obtaining all items. Although I’m also of the opinion that this can/could be tweaked within each account.

I have a decent account, and have been lucky with modules. Weapons though are another story. I have never gotten 1 Magma/VS/Bunker/Abomination.

I too switched to phys after only having received decent L-M phys items.

Anyway, best of luck, and I hope you decide to stick around!

@ThePaleRider, let’s go into some in-depth psycho-analysis for you. Let me ask a couple of rhetorical question, and at the same time provide answers. I will tell from my experience of a player going into 4th year of experience with Supermechs.

  1. The question of advancement. I am now in the best clan, and have 2 fully maxed mechs, and 1 reaching its full potential slowly. But it simply does not matter at all, even if my third is fully maxxed. See, ever since the SM reloaded (I remember the date exactly, 21 August, 2017,) I have not dropped A SINGE ITEM THAT HAS ANYTHING RELATED TO HP BOOSTING - NO PLATINIUM PLATES, NO RESISTANCE MODULES, NO CLAWS. With this in mind, there is simply no way you may advance to any level. It took me a lot of time to ponder over the situation, and I came to the following conclusions:
  2. If I spend money or not, it simply does not matter. In the new version alone I burned about 70,000 tokens (dozens of "once in a lifetime offers of 6500 toks for 75 bucks). Do you want to know how many valuable drops I received from these tokens? NONE. All I have is from the conversion boxes after Reloaded plus grinding portals and missions (vailants, windforges, bunkers, all these were non-paid boxes). So why should I even bother about money?
  3. If we accept the first point, it suddenly becomes a really nice, casual, and stress-free game. First you need to accept you are a certain rank, and there is virtually no way in this world you can go up the ceiling. I personally accepted I have to fight with what I already have, and will never land anything worthy again. I stopped paying for the game over 3 months ago. Yesterday could not resist the temptation and wasted over 800 tokens I accumulated from last month raids and stuff. Number of legends? 1 legendary Scorching Feet. WTF? I quickly remembered how unfair buying boxes is. And was pissed AS F. for wasting tokens I would use on nice item portals. But at least I did not lose money. It was all free tokens.
  4. Once you learn these facts, and stop treating the game as competition, it will be much more fun. I now simply congratulate @Mr.E on having 7 platinum plates, crapton of claws and other stuff. Even though I am convinced I spent much more than him (correct me dude if I am wrong), I received shit. But I am easy on this. I do not lose money any more. So I just do not care.
    Edit: @Sarah247, I really want you to read my story.

Yes, I have probably spent less than you. But guess what, most of my good stuff came from free tokens.

However, I prefer spending in this game than say going to the casino, or buying movies/subscriptions etc. I get lots of entertainment value from it.

I do get sad for others that spend and don’t get good stuff though :pensive:

I really do enjoy opening dem boxes :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. the extra pp’s are actually worthless to me right now. EMP has negated the value of them. Believe me.

I decided to split the post into sections so that you have easier time reading it.
Coming back to the point… Even if I drop one patinium plate or claw, so what? It does not make a huge difference. Perhaps I will be able to climb from spot 40 to 20. If I am lucky, I may even be in top 10 for one season. But who cares anyways? Yesterday I just screamed at the screen and felt like… The whole past year. I was furious at all the epics coming from the packs and boxes, I just hit the table and my palm was aching. And a second later I started laughing for my stupidity. For the last time i got hooked and did not resist. But it was just a 1-second breakdown. Now I just calmed down and get on with my strategy. You also have to remember one important thing. Imagine you ignore my post and invest a huge amount of money for drops. And you drop awesome items, invest more to fuse them. Do you know what may happen? One day you log in and find out your awesome items are crap, because:

  1. Mohadib and CO. decided to upgrade the user experience (read: reloaded the game once again for their benefit)
  2. Mohadib and CO. decided it is time to do ANOTHER earthquake in the top ranking, so the best items (like Interceptor line of torsos, hooks and charges, etc. in the past) become unusable crap, and other crap you fused away (in my case spartan carnage, fused about 10 pieces of this legendary-only crap) becomes the best kek weapon.
    Just think what you do in this situation? Your anger will hit the roof. And if you do not spend a single buck, you just accept the change and start adapting. Of course, AS A FREE TO PLAY!
    Dude, I hope this helps you to get over your anger. I also want to make sure @Sarah247 gets to read my post, because it is my story and I want her to understand my feelings. I will also attach her to the first section. Take care broh, and keep yourself together.

So this is just one another argument confirming that EMP is the only hope for non-spenders and unluckers that can somehow restore a bit of the balance in the game. You have to start looking at SM from this perspective, bro!

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I hear you. But it has created a huge imbalance in the game, which is evident from the extreme counter builds.

You would have definitely liked me better before my 6 engine build. In fact you kicked my azz plenty before this situation. Now, actually worse for dual/triple energy line ups that vs me.

I felt so horrible yesterday that I killed your first mech whilst only losing less than 200hp.

Balance is better for everyone. I’m sure you hated that 600+ Seraph blade smacking you down in 2 turns? That’s what imbalance feels like.


Hmm, i read that story somewhere else…
But it is a true story, since I was there when it happened.
Bro, you are right on it.
And we know how things really are… one day… next nice chapter unvails… just like in Matrix.
Matrix => Matrix Reloaded => Matrix Revolution.
For most player here:
SM => SM Reloaded => SM Revolution.
For others:
SM => SM Reloaded => TWA :joy::joy::joy:

I agree with this. Makes us wonder what’s next.

befor you used a 4 engine build that still smaked the sheet out of him, and also stood tall against heaters and other phis.
Only diference, now you need 6 engines, and that build is vulnerable to heat.
Ps: Next… TWA, me and Morde are alredy there, join the call.

Heaters no. Phys I had a good chance. But that’s the point. Each mech must be capable of countering 2 types. You know this man.

Also, when calculating for advanced builds, you must always factor in res mods. You are kicking my butt because I have to juggle these around a bit. I’ll have a better chance once I’ve maxed up some things. I’m still using plenty of legd utilities and other mods if you can believe that.

Just got another multi res the other day, so deciding how best to use it. And now Mighty Protector is out of sync on the counter energy build. This game never gives us a break. Always some shyt to deal with.

Yes i know it.
But for an Epic user, that is imposible.
He may be able to counter 1 build type.
Look at morde, he doesnt have plats, doesnt have claw.
He goes for counters, as an energy,
His best shot is a high hp, no heat, lowish-mediocre energy, stat mech, that has to pack 4, if not 5 epic plates to counter your well rounded mech, of 2600 hp.
So that build he uses, has weackness to both high drainers and also to heat builds.
So now he goes for a heat counter, with 5 engines, 3 epic plates, and no energy… he gets trashed by both phis and also other even mediocre energy builds.
His only option to stay in this is for high drain wepons, like EMP, and ash, so he can drain your mech as fast as posible so you dont get 2x2salvos of spartan…

No ideea of what you are talking about…