Un-paint Parts of Mechs


All we know we can paint torsos… and someone paint mechs with expensive paints like storm, mystical, urban, etc. But sometimes happens, some parts of mechs becoming useless, so I got idea, what if we could un-paint mech and receive half price of paint that we bought…?

i guess it actually good idea


Uhh by level painting?


If Urban costs 200 tokens, you pay some coins for it and after this, un-paint will give you 100 tokens.


That is a good idea… or you could just get the paint back…




there is writes “remove” not delete, so it should give back our color kit

but our inventory will be full of color kits😄


Deleting color will be black lol.


lol i know but 50% of spended on color kit tokens should be back… maybe


If you “color” your car from black to red in real life and then later decide to “remove” the red color will you get a “half filled red color bucket” back by removing the color?
Or will you get back half the money you paid for that red “color” you used to “color” your car red when you “remove” the color?

No, you do not.
So why should you get back any tokens from removing the color from your items?


Okay then. That little bit futuristic.