Umm hello? WTF!? fix electric weapons pls!

i keep fighting mechs with an electric version of my corrupted light there weapons are legendary like mine, but for some reason my corrupted light level forty deals sixty-six heat damage compared to their level forty electric version which deals about eighty-three electric damage. I know that before the update electric weapons were basically the worst items to own but now their way to OP like i mean seriously both legendary but ones better than the other even if i level mine to mythical it still doesn’t match up to the electric version that is still legendary. every time i go up against a mech with even just one electric version of my corrupt light they can still two shot my entire electric system. can you pls just nerf the electric weapons even by just a little bit cause people my rank with better heat weapons and energy regen they still can’t beat an electric mech. pls fix pls pls senpai.

It is meant to be this way , if you cant beat some people dont just say to nerf their items. Try to get better and destroy them

energy mechs are pretty annoying, yeah. but there are ways to beat them. improve your energy capacity and regeneration

Say that about 2 corrupt lights mechs :confused:

The reason there is a difference in heat and energy. Once one is shutdown there is no way to keep fighting. 0 energy does not take a mech out of action. Heat builds up until the opponent decides to cool down, energy recovers automatically every turn. and so on… People seem to think heat and energy are the same thing but they are not.

yeah i understand what you guys are saying but my energy cap if almost 200
my torso is diamond shell and it maxes out on legendary( that was my bad) and i’m not level forty with all my modules slots open so im 200 energy and once my 2 turns expire i don’t have enough regen to recover. and i can’t really get better at the game if every game i play my energy gets shreded every time i play pvp i gain 2 ranks then loose 3 cause the next ten players i face are running the same build. ive been stuck on the same rank since the SM reloaded update and before that (just as a fact) i was rank 3 and it was all based on strats not the most dmg to electricity or heat. i just find that some aspects of the game are unbalanced thats all. at least improve the regen on ceartain heat mechs that sorely need it or make module drops easier to obtain

You need to stand or stoped right now, SM more likely pay to win and never heard about players idea. Told you, my mech has 484 energy pol + 193 energy regen and burned away just in 2 turn, insane? Yes pretty insane.

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Its quite hard being energy , managung weapons , stats and heat and energy etc.

its hard to play any thing in this game ever since the SMR update

5 game losing streak everything’s fine definitely not broken

Thats not big at all , i had a 10 streak

That just means you need to get better