Um... ok... time to think about the drop rates again

Discobot powers is absolutely true! Yeah… lets see if tacticsoft can tell us the drop rates.

Another one of these posts?


1 Idk what Discobot is and nor do I wanna find out :wink:
2 'Read that article that says Apple makes all the games that use ‘‘Loot Boxes’’ show their chances of getting specific items?
Yeah…Let’s hope SM takes that into account.If not then whatever…
3 This kind of post is also becoming boring,but not as much as the well-known ‘‘Bring back Old SM!’’-type topics…Srsly people,I’ve recently encountered another one of these cancerous (and contagious,actually) threads…Just stop,please!

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The droprates absolutely need to be posted right on the boxes like they used to.
Wouldn’t want to get accused of ripping people off would ya Tactisoft?

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discobot is my imaginary friend that talks to me when no one else wants to :slight_smile:


He’s not worth it, I asked him for his photograph he didn’t send it . . .


maybe he is from middle east , just saying .

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This is just for number 2, knowing this company and it’s devs. They’ll likely give us a day of “SOLID” drop rates just to give apple numbers then slowly push it all back down to garbage rates. Just so they can save their asses.

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Well idk about that but it is possible…