Ultravortex some one new


Hello I am prayas or known by the name TRION NEMESIS In game . Ok so I am new to the forums but a good player have 4 accounts if I get bored I can mix and play have 1 myth 19. Legendaries and 30 - 50 epics with innumerable common and rare I even have a clan THE WARRIORS .If you like me please message me I am a veteran in the ranks 15 - 13


Welcome to the forums!


welcome to the forums mah dude!


welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Ello…welcome to the forum’s mate…how are you?


Henlo frendly peirson. I am an frendly alian. i do nut want to deestroi Orth, but i mae half to becuz of Yeet and DankMementos. tank u for listornung to thy speach.