Ultra cooling module


i am really loving using a mech with 1000+ hp


What does that had to with Ultra cooling module


Perhaps he could substitute one Heat module with armour plate? Anyways, I am still waiting for mine…:cry:


It can only be obtained by secret means known only by the Sheet KIG


Mordulec wins me with his damned mechs, and does not make me happy, but I must admit that he’s clean. lol

I prefer to lose with 10 Mordulec than with 20 of these that carry 2 new modules stolen in each of their mechs.


Just after our battles I faced El Metre in his physical monsters, and guess what? He kicked my butt clean. I thought it was a kind of revenge and I deserved it! But then he told me you are a female! Which makes fighting with you even more pleasant! Remember, I respect you and believe you are a top player. And thanks for nice words, mate!


Well bro, i always like goos chalanges. You mechs are clean and your skill is good.
My builds varry depending on my mood. I might play phis, witch arent always the same, since i always change things in them. Or jump in heat builds.And sometimes i go for electric. I might go for shreders, or breacker nova builds, or go for a push pull build. This is my fun in the game. I always build new.
But not to worry about me anymore, i got kicked out by the devs for disturbing the peace of this comunity with my toxic evidence of hacks.
You carry the tourch for me, and always be a clean and honest player.
Best of luck


What do you mean by “kicked”? Is this something similar to Wargaming’s Sir Foch-gate?


Baned… you wont be faceing me


Banned from the game??? Like permanently? Or for a period of time?


Hi Wepwawet,
Idk if you remember our chat during one of our battles. You claimed that I am too weak to win a medal. So, here is the proof. Damn, I wish I bet with you over someting, girl… Anyways, I am proud as ufck!!


Do remember something, and this aplies in real life also:
Plus that is a clan silver medal, not the holly grail, it took the whole clan to win it, and celebrate it with your clan mates. Congrats.


I like that, bro! Saved in memory for eternity! :slight_smile:


Ohhhh that reference to WoT!! :raised_hands:


I’m glad you know which whistle I am blowing, Bluz… The whole KIG-gate seems pretty similar to WG’s fail. They did not react to what the community signalled for months, or even years, and now… Well, enough to say that instead of sealclubbing innocent Defender drivers in my Lorr 40T I prefer some serious ass-kicking action in my Diamond Shells! RIP Wargaming!



Speaking of the module … in the end I got 1 of these, but I’m not using it.

1 just does not work, in the USA mark it gives me 122 of cooling and that is suicidal. So anyway I have to take 3. I don´t increase the HP.

With the other torsos the same thing happens to me. There is no increase in HP.

Also with any torso, the max. heat is very low, that is, you lose shots.

It need 2. But it cost me almost 6000 tokens to get 1. So desire to look for another one… went…

Sometimes you have to be careful about doing so much business with the game. Because if it´s so difficult to get a good item, in the end you become disillusioned and dont buy anything.


How about Lava Scope? Have you tried it?


Hi Mordulec! Morning!

With lavascope is the same, mean … lavascope works well with 2 heat controls IV. If you put the new cooling module then it improves the cooling, but just as you have to carry 2 modules, so it does not increase the HP.

There is another problem with lavascope, and that’s why I prefer the USA mark, with lavascope the best I can put of resistance is the multi of 11. With USA the resistance is greater. That is, the 15% energy shield that I carry, does not go out, because it receives less damage.

Lavascope also regenerates 5 points less than the USA. I mean … the shield could not stand too much.