Uh, ranking in raids glitched out a lot or is this a feature?

08 PM
am I seeing this correctly, or is it some weird system.
1 (Funny guy. Being in 1 and his name being 123.)
then 0.
Is 0 even a rank.
then it goes to 10 9 then 8 then so on.
Is it all whacked out or what.
(Also see my old leader :blush:)


I think it’s glitched…

It’s probably visual bug…nothing to worry about.

Because it did not appeared this to me.

Try refreshing it.

Nope. Still the same.
I think it is because I was in the top ranks, but a bit below… i don’t know it is some visual glitch.

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I saw this when I’m in the top players the day 1…

It’s just because you’re in the ladder, it somehow bugs the display of scores, but nothing harmful (normally…) ^^

scary O.O