WTF. Nice job TS, Deleting accounts without reasons.
After i changed email of my account, i had to verify with the new email but i didn’t received any email, then i tried to log in, but the User or Password changed somehow, then i contacted @Elcent as he tried to find my account via User, but no results, as i know the user cant be changed, so the only thing i think is that TS deleted my account. It isn’t just a SM problem, it is from all the TS games linked to the account.
@Alexander @Sarah247

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Unverified accounts cannot be logged into nor show up in username searches. Tried requesting a new verification mail?

Hello Alexander!
Sorry to be off-topic but I have another question.
I linked my SM account with facebook and I play on fb browser everyday.
I never got a verification for the account…
I also lost another account for free,still on fb and still with no verification mail received.

Is there anything I can do right now to verify it and thus not risk having this one destroyed for no reason again?

Thank you for the time and I’m waiting for your answer!

I can’t request a new email as the account info changed and i don’t know what is it.

Or maybe you just lost it…because of facebook?

If you did…you are same as me

I don’t use Facebook to play

Then yeah…the topic says it.

So that’s why the account is “deleted”, and you made me waste my time contacting Sarah.

If i knew this was the problem is could solve it myself Laura.

Great Job.

yea my alt account on SM was deleted along with reloaded

I guess it’s gone now, I lost my old account 4 years back, Trying to change the email … I still haven’t got the mail though lol